Friday, February 8, 2008

Hogan's Heroes!

I remember watching Hogans Heroes when I was much younger. Good ol' Sgt. Schultz! He always was involved in the life of the prisoners and would always turn his head away from what was going on. He was blind to the truth! He would say, "I know nothing! I see nothing! I hear nothing!"

How many of todays churches and leaders are the same way.

Sin in a person's life? I know nothing, I see nothing, I hear nothing!!!

Instead of giving people the truth of the Bible. The truth of God's Word, they play on their own ignorance and just deny that there is a problem. All is good in the land of Oz!

All is good so long as we don't see or acknowledge that sin exists and that God will judge sinners who do not repent.

Of course, they would say, "it's not about you..." all the while promoting God's love and ignoring the rest of the Bible that says you need to repent of your sins!

Here is love (God's Love!)...

you have broken God's Laws. Most everyone is a lying, thief, an adulterer at heart, a murderer (hate), a covetous person who has dishonored their parents by not always obeying them, many people have taken the Lord's name in vain, no one has always put God first in their life and all have had idols that they have worshipped. Even if someone claims to have kept all of the commandments, we know they are lying because the Bible tells us that no one has kept them all. Or else they are calling God a liar.

But even if you "think" you are a good person, you have still lied and the Bible tells us that all liars will have their part in the lake of fire. There is none that is good, no, not one! We are all, and I mean ALL guilty of breaking God's Commands. As a result of being guilty we are headed for hell. I am headed for hell just as much as you are headed for hell. There is nothing "I" can do of myself to warrant my own salvation. I can do no "works" that will satisfy God. It is by putting our faith and trust in Jesus alone that we are saved. When we do that, we have God's promise of eternal life.

Now some people out there are ready to start yelling...
ah ha! you keep saying repent, isn't that a work?

No, it is not! Repentance is a fruit of the spirit and it is given at the moment of salvation. So, when we say, repent and put your faith and trust in Jesus, it is a sign that shows you have put your faith and trust in Him. If you are still living in your sin, then you have not repented and you are not saved. If you are involved in immoral activities, if you are deceitful, if you are lusting after another, you can bet you are not saved. True love will tell all people the truth. They will let people know that they fall way short of the glory of God. They will tell them they are headed for hell. But because and read that again, but BECAUSE of the love of God, he sent His Son to die on the cross for our sins. All we have to do is repent and put our faith and trust in Jesus.

How can it be loving to ignore God's Law and not teach others about WHY they need a Savior. One sure-fire way to create false converts is to tell people that God loves them and to tell them nothing else is short of reckless abandonment of God's Word.

So next time you see someone living in their sins, will you confront the person? If they die just 20 minutes after you have a chance to talk to them, would you worry about offending them? Would you be like Sgt Shultz and just say, "I know nothing, I see nothing, I hear nothing!" If you ignore God's Law and they die in their sins and you did not warn them, then their blood will be on you! That is God's Word! Do you want to have that burden laid upon you? You can call it friendship evangelism, you can call it what you want, but if you ignore God's Law and the purpose for which it was given, your evangelism in no evangelism. It is just being a buddy to someone for the purpose of getting them into a church building.

Law to the proud, and grace to the humble!
God knows everything! God see's everything! God hears everything! He knows your thoughts! And unless you repent, you will be held accountable and the punishment is eternal separation from God in HELL.

Do you still want to play the game of I know nothing, I see nothing and I hear nothing? I pray you wake up and open your blind eyes to the True Word of God!

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