Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Difficult witness encounter

How would you handle talking with someone like this?
There are people who absolutely hate God. They will not listen to reason. What do you do with someone like this?

You give them the gospel message.

It is not our job to save them. It is God's job.
We give the person the Word of God and realize that the bible tells us that God's Word will not return void.

I pray for people like this, left to our own abilities, this man would definitely end up in hell. But let God's Word do the convicting. His conscience will bear witness to him that he is a sinner.

Not everyone will treat you real friendly when you share the gospel. Don't let that discourage you, be faithful. We are told that the world will hate us because they hated Jesus first!

This is just more proof that we need to be out reaching the lost!


michelle said...

i have a lot of respect for street evangelists... the level of love and patience they have is astounding... I confess, I don't know if I could handle someone like that... then again, that's why Jesus always sent his disciples out in twos... nobody should be doing this alone :)

pastorbrianculver said...

Ray kept his cool pretty well under the circumstances. What I like is when it is all said and done, he gives them a gift and they shake hands. That's the way it should be done!

speaking_as said...

Those two scumbags ought to be ashamed of themselves, blaspheming like that! I admire Ray for his restraint, but people like them really shouldn't be allowed to speak in public; their words and messages are dangerous!

pastorbrianculver said...

some people are so defiant to God, and yet, they need a Savior just as much as we do. Ray gave them God's Word, now it is up to God to work on their hearts!

Jessie said...

This is the start of the video that got Jason interested in the WotM ministries, and got him truly saved because he realized his sin through the Law, and it worked on his conscience, etc.

You know, when I first saw this clip, I got angry at him for being so mean and hateful. Then I watched the movie _The End of the Spear_ and got a completely different attitude. Now watching this video again, I feel an overwhelming feeling of forgiveness toward him for blaspheming my Father because that is EXACTY how I was before I became saved. I hated God, too, and my lifestyle proved it. I'm not any better than him, I'm just ready for heaven and he's not. That's exactly what the missionary on The End of the Spear said, and it really struck home.

Todd Friel mentioned the lady who used the "f" word immediately between our Lord's name, I think she was an ESPN person. He said instead of trying to have her lose her job over this, rebuke her lovingly, forgive her and move on. Because he said, "that is exactly how I was before I became a Christian." That really spoke to me, too. She's lost, and that is exactly how lost people act. We shouldn't condemn her and protest to get her fired (A.S. or J.J.), we should go to her and present the gospel to her.

I say Amen! to that!

Rhea said...

"It is not our job to save them. It is God's job.
We give the person the Word of God and realize that the bible tells us that God's Word will not return void."

This is so true!!!! It's something that I've had to remind myself of a lot lately...I've been getting frustrated at times with what seems to be a "lack of response" to people that I witness to...but the truth is, my job isn't to "save" anyone, but only to share the Truth of the Gospel with them. Thanks for the reminder!