Thursday, February 14, 2008

Chronicles of Narnia

Has anyone seen the Chronicles of Narnia? I have never seen it. I have heard great things about it but have not seen it.

If you have seen it, please give me a movie critique of it!


Anonymous said...

Good movie. Does justice to the book for the most part. The beaver is great. I haven't bought it yet, but it will be part of my dvd library.

Tim Brown said...

Yeah, it is pretty cool. Not sure what dope recommended this to you though...

Oh. I did... :)

pastorbrianculver said...

The one I have posted here, is this the same one you have seen or are there difference versions?

Anonymous said...

I have seen this version, but I don't think it is as good as the Disney movie version. There is a cartoon version as well. It is a lot of fun and kids seem to like it.

speaking_as said...

I noticed you did not publish my first comment, so let me reiterate:

I have not seen this film. I do not plan to. Or any other film for that matter. I saw The Passion Of The Christ at home, but that was the lone exception.

I see nothing good in movies or television. They are secular, liberal, anti-God entertainment! I'm sure that The Chronicles To Narnia is enjoyable to some (I have not read the books, and do not plan to either, too much of my life was wasted away on books and comics!) but true Christians will see movies for what they are- vile, satanic trash.

Doorman-Priest said...

Faithful to the book, excellent special effects and good acting: the youngest child, Lucy, is particularly engaging.

Very English.

Jeff Greathouse said...

I thought that it was a good movie and my kids are looking forward to the second one coming in May.

From a evangelistic approach, I took 12 middle school guys to the theaters when it came out and then we went to the coffeeshop to discuss about the film.

They did not know about the Christ connection. Thus, it was a great way for them to connect with God's story.

carla said...

This version is not as frightening as the Disney one, which has some very disturbing parts in it that are not suitable for young children. This one is lower budget of course, but it's true to the story. I actually think this queen is more like the one in the book.

I still say the book is better.

Many are questioning the motives of CS Lewis in writing about fauns and witches and such, and it is even said this was never meant to be an allegory (i.e., Jesus was came as a lamb the first time, not a lion, etc...). Nevertheless, it is good vs. evil, as opposed to 'good evil' vs. 'bad evil' in many of today's books and movies that are targeting the minds of our children.

Little question. Big subject.

Great blog. :)

stella said...

Really good movie. I don't watch a lot anymore, but I love this one. You can tie it to the Gospel (Edmund sells out his family for some turkish delight. The White Witch demands his life (all tratiors belong to her). Aslan gives his life so that Edmund can go free. Aslan willing goes to the Stone Table to be murderer. He is mocked, spit on, his hair is all cut off. The White Witch thinks she won and will now destroy Narnia forever...but Aslan is resurrected via the deeper magic that was in Narnia before time...the Witch didn't know about it).

I'm actually teaching the books to my 5th graders. In my Buddhist school, I've preached the Gospel to my students several times.

stella said...

Oh yeah, I was talking about the Disney version. I also have the BBC boxset of the Series. I like them because the production is pretty raw (low budget).
A young child may have a hard time sitting though it because it can be quite dry and slow at times.

I'd lend it to you if I was around...but there at home in the attic.

pastorbrianculver said...

do you think I could look at them tomorrow??? haha

stella said...

Sure, come on over!! I'll have come company'll fit right in! :)


You wish! (Oh, and today it's like 80 degrees...)

Tim Brown said...


All I've seen is the BBC version. I have them. I think they were made in 1988, but the special effects are very low budget -- I saw stuff like that when I was a kid in the 60's.

It does have a charm of it's own and I do like it.

Do you like the Disney version better? I've been leery of Disney stuff given some of the things they've been into lately.

Nice to meet you!

S.J. Walker said...


Despite the criticism it has received. I found the Disney movie both entertaining in quality of production and casting.

The Chronicles of Narnia was intended to be an allagory, this is very clear when you read the whole series. It was Tolkien who said he did not intend to write one with Lord of the Rings books.

The thing to remember with alagorical stories is that are just that. If it was the real story it would be a movie made from the Bible starting with Matthew and ending with Revelation with references to Genesis and Exodus all along the way.

This story, being completely fantastic and far fetched must be regarded as such. But that does not diminish the fact that it is solidly reminiscent of the real story of sin, death, and redemption through the blood of a Savior and the subsequent utter defeat of the evil one.

True, you do see some of Lewis' Anglican theology coming through here and there, but you saw Gibson's Catholic influence in The Passion and that did not diminish the power of the film.

I would simply say that, as my family did when we read the books aloud when I was a child, you make sure sure you point people back the real story, and let the books give loose yet beautiful rendition of the greatest truth in the history of the world--past, present and future.

As far as the different films go, the BBC versions were honest to the books,but honestly, being the budget they were, I did/do find them a little hokey and unable, not for lack of effort, to do the scope of the books justice.

Time will tell if the Disney versions remain as true to the books as this first one was, but I did thoroughly enjoy the first.

Finally, if you have not read the book, watched the movie, and refuse to, you have no say. I have my suspicions about the Harry Potter books and movies, but not having seen them or read the books, I will not give indictment or endorsement.

It is a very ignorant stance to take that these books were Satanic. They aren't Spurgeon, true, but that is infuriatingly and deliberately ignorant to claim such things. To do so as some have gives Christians a bad name.

So, take the movies and the books with a grain of Salt--that being Scripture. But if you are honest, you will be sure to find solidly Christian referents, from a purely adjectivial story.

One of my favorite lines from the movie was right after the lion has defeated death and the table upon which he was slain has broken in two(sound familiar), he says:

"It is finished".

I do highly recommend the film, bit even more so the books.

pastorbrianculver said...

sounds like someone has a future job as a movie critic!! thanks to everyone for their input!