About Me

I am married to my lovely wife, Diana.  Between the two of us are three kids, a few adopted kids, 6 grandkids and some adopted grandkids (sure must be crowded "between us!")  I have been blessed with a wonderful family!

I would love to find a church to serve as pastor.  I attend New Life Baptist Church in Jacksonville, FL.  As you can see on my blog, I desire to serve in a church that TRULY wants to be biblical and not fall into the trap of serving the world.  I want a church that TRULY wants to serve GOD and Him alone!  Biblical preaching without the entertainment, the joking, the crying and all of the other distractions is what I am about.  I have a great sense of humor and am not afraid to use it.  But I will only use it when and where it is appropriate.  The pulpit is to be used for the edification of the believers.  Church is for believers, not the unbelievers.  I believe the unbeliever is welcome in church, but do not expect the church to conform to the unbelievers wishes as to what a church should be like.  They are to conform to the teachings of Jesus Christ if they truly desire to be saved.  They WILL conform to the teachings of Jesus Christ when they are saved!

If you know of any church that is looking for a pastor, please contact me!

till His nets are full
God bless

Brian Culver