Monday, July 7, 2008

Creflo Dollar heretic

Why do people blindly follow after this man as well as many of the other Word of Faith preachers. To them it is more about getting rich than it is about following God! I found this video over at

We need to study the scriptures to see whether these men and women are properly teaching the Word of God. Too many times, they are not!!!


michelle said...

wow! I remember the days I didn't know the Lord and I heard stuff like this and believed it because I didn't know better. How many people are sitting in church week after week who don't know the Lord because they don't read His word believing people like this because they are supposed to be handling the word truthfully? This is really sad and disturbing.

pastorbrianculver said...

Me too. I remember that before I became a true Christian, I used to channel switch and watch several different people. Back in the day it was Oral Roberts and Robert Schuller (sp?). Just goes to show what a lack of knowledge can do to a person. Any one can say things that "Sound" biblical and people will follow. Just another case of the blind leading the blind!

Anonymous said...

It's the case of a thief stealing, killing and destroying. He is not alone. I could name dozens. When the Holy Spirit lives in you He will not bear witness with such. All I have to do is witness these types for a few minutes to identify them. It is understandable why so many non-believers are not willing to give a true Born Again follower of Christ the time of day. The term Christian has been tarnished.

In Christ,
Thomas Brown

pastorbrianculver said...

that is so true! Not only are unbelievers harsh towards born-again Christians, but so are other so called "christians" who have not repented of their sins. They can be some of the harshest people to talk to.

NYTN said...

'NYTN REPORTS': Pastor Creflo Dollar SUED for Business Fraud (COPY OF LAWSUIT PROVIDED)