Sunday, March 2, 2008

Team Pyro

If you're going to sin, poke God in the eye, shame His name, bring ridicule on the Gospel, and refuse to deal with your sin by repentance as God defines it — don't drag the lovely word grace into the sewer with you. Just sin, and prepare for the consequences. Well, scratch that. You can't prepare for the consequences. But at least let's not lie to ourselves and others, compound our sin, and smear the dung of our sin over the beautiful concept of grace.

If you're going to sin and bring heartbreak, ruin, robbery, treachery, betrayal and misery into the lives of others, and then refuse to deal with your sin by repentance as God defines it — don't drag the the lovely word grace or "the Cross" into it. Grace and the cross are the antithesis of continuance in heardhearted, unrepentant sin. What we've done to others is bad enough. No need to blaspheme the saving grace of God in the bargain.

The above was taken from Team Pyro.

If you are a preacher and are unrepentant of your sins, you will have to face God's Judgment! Just because you say the right words is not enough. There must be true repentance!

The preachers over at Team Pyro can help you. They are highly trained in God's Word. I challenge you to read their blog and if you disagree with them, then leave them a comment. They will give you a biblical response! I appreciate their ministry and encourage you to take a look.

I also encourage you to take a look at I just came across it recently and have found some very good links on some preachers who need to be "watched." They do a great job of warning others as commanded by Scripture in Ezekiel.

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