Sunday, March 2, 2008

Questions site! Please help a Christian grow in God's Word!

Have our churches sunk so low that they are now in a popularity contest? It seems as though they are sooo concerned with the fact that they don't want to offend people and some are almost obsessed with being politically correct. Where's any mention of sin or repentance? So, what does this do to a church when the Pastors are trying to win over people by being nice instead of teaching God's word in the right context?

I would like to direct some traffic over to Jason at Christian or Bible Questions
Please challenge him by answering his questions and by posing new questions for him. It is a site of learning about the Bible and he is new to this and wants to learn. I will be helping him moderate the site and will be encouraging him to get into God's Word. Please help this young man to continue to grow in the Word of God!



Anonymous said...

I'll take a look. My fear about stuff like this is that he will get a plethora of "mans ideas" and not so much "Biblical truth" according to God's word. My first thought is that I'll be praying for protection over his site and his questions that God alone would be present in those who reach out to him in his search for Truth. :-) Glad you're there to help moderate. May God grant you great wisdom in this endeavor. ~el

pastorbrianculver said...

I have contacted some people that I trust to help out. Yes, I do plan to help moderate and will be keeping an eye out for false teachings.