Wednesday, March 12, 2008

John Wayne on God and America

Just as Lucille Ball was one of my favorite actresses when I was growing up, I have to admit, John Wayne was my favorite male actor. To me, he stood for America and he stood up for God and faith.

Where have all the good actors gone? The one's who will stand up for God and for our great country that we live in? What has happened to our culture that once stood proudly for God? What has happened to our pastor's who once stood on the Word of God alone for their sermons?

Isn't it good to know...
it is man that has moved, it is man who has changed, it is man who has compromised...
But God is still the great I AM. His Word never changes. He never changes. He is still waiting for us all to come running back to Him. How long will He wait? I do not know, but I do know this...

God's Love will never fail. Within His love is compassion and judgment. Which side will you be on?

This land has been oh so good to me. I love America and for the beauties of the tree's. The mountains and the fresh air. Even the Mighty Muddy Mississippi. But there is one thing I love so much more...

God! For He is my all. My comforter. My Savior.
May God bless America and may He bless all people throught the whole world, which He created!


speaking_as said...

John Wayne, what a legend. What a GREAT American. And a strong Christian too. He loved this country, he loved God, and his films reflected that. The Green Berets and The Alamo are my two favorites of his (I'm a Texas history nut!)

These days, ALL actors/entertainers/musicians spit on our Flag and mock Christ and those who believe in him. Liberal atheist sodomites, the lot of them! They wouldn't dare say anything good about this country or the church. They're too busy counting their big money paychecks, doing drugs, blaspheming.

Brian, would you mind if I put this video on the blog I'm going to start?

David said...

Um... John Wayne was a drunken racist who beat his wive(s) and hated anyone who wasn't a white, heterosexual Christian male.

Don't get me wrong, he made some great films (The Searchers, Sands Of Iwo Jima, Stagecoach, etc.) but the guy was a monster.

pastorbrianculver said...

No problem!! feel free to use it. I agree, and was trying to think of any actors that upheld the virtues of God and faith and love for our country the way John Wayne did. I know several love God (such as Kirk Cameron) but how many of them display the same kind of love for country as John did? Many of the ones are like you say, they would spit on the flag just so they can practice their freedom to do so. I would be interested in hearing what others have to say as far as who (actors or actresses) that hold the same virtues as the Duke!

David said...

Can I assume that my comment about John Wayne won't be posted? If you do, I apologize, I'll delete this.

I wasn't trying to say that he wasn't a good actor/filmmaker, it's just that when you actually read about the guy he was a drunken, hateful man.

things aren't always what they seem.

speaking_as said...

Thanks Brian!

As far as modern actors/entertainers who love God... IF there are more then a few I'd be surprised.

Kirk Cameron(Great man, wonderful actor, has done SO MUCH for the message of Christ)
Chuck Norris(Another fine actor, very conservative, very much a Christian)

That's about all I can think of. I'm tempted to say Mel Gibson, but he is a Catholic. Still, a very conservative man who did a lot by making The Passion Of The Christ. Plus, he's recently been bashing President Bush and conservatives. Don't care for that nonsense, no sir.

I think you're right Brian, it began and ended with The Duke!