Friday, January 11, 2008

Sexual misconduct by a pastor

'We're moving on,' church members say
The pastor resigned in the wake of sexual misconduct allegations.
By Jim Schoettler, The Times-Union

Parishioners at Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church were told Wednesday night that last week's resignation of their pastor, who is accused of sexual misconduct, was a personal choice accepted by saddened church leaders who plan to move on.

The Rev. Darrell Gilyard resigned Friday from his 14-year post at the Jacksonville church while facing an ongoing criminal investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct with a church member's daughter. No charges have been filed.
Associate Pastor Al Letson Sr. told hundreds of parishioners after an uplifting 45 minute regular service that they should pray for Gilyard but also focus on the positive aspects of the church's future. His message about Gilyard lasted about five minutes.
"It's not about the man, it's about the church," Letson said. "This is Jesus' house. What God wants us to do now is to press forward."
Letson urged church members to have faith in their leaders, who have appointed a search committee to seek a replacement for Gilyard. Phone numbers and e-mails for Letson and two leading deacons were shown on the church's video screens for those with more questions.
"I want you to walk out of here tonight encouraged," Letson said. "I want you to walk out of here tonight knowing we shall overcome."
The case against Gilyard, 45, stems from a mother's report to police on Nov. 29 that she found obscene text messages on her daughter's cell phone. The messages were sent from a phone number belonging to Gilyard, the mother said in a complaint filed with police. The mother told police another woman told her that her daughter also had received sexually graphic messages from the same phone number.
Sheriff's Office sex crimes detectives have been compiling evidence now being reviewed by prosecutors as they consider whether to charge Gilyard.
After the service, several church members said they still support Gilyard but are also ready for a clean slate.
"We as a church, we're growing, we're strong," said Mary Pough, a member for 12 years. "We're moving on."
Tedrick Johnson praised Gilyard for being a good teacher and said he will be missed by many.
"We do have to put this behind us," said Johnson, a member for about 11 years. "I'm definitely saddened by the whole thing."
Another member said she was disappointed in Gilyard, while others declined to comment.
Deacon Roy McIntyre, chairman of the church's board of trustees, said church leaders are praying for the families involved in the case as well as Gilyard.
Gilyard took a voluntary paid leave on Dec. 21. In a prepared statement after he resigned, he called his commitment to the church and congregation one of the most rewarding of his life but decided to put those interests ahead of his own. (not sure what he is saying here!)
His resignation comes about 16 years after he resigned from a Texas church following reports of having affairs with church members. (and this church is surprised that this happened?? do a background check before hiring someone!!)
Remnants of Gilyard's role at his former church on West Beaver Street remain as his name is still listed in one spot on the church's Web site and mentioned as the pastor on its phone message.
The Times-Union has been unable to reach Gilyard, who lives in a gated community and does not have a listed phone number.
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How many times do we see where someone did a study and found that 50% of pastor's have viewed pornography in the past year? When will we see pastor's being different than the world? To properly teach AND LIVE A LIFE THAT IS DEVOID OF WORLDLY SINS! I think it is necessary that we pray for the church as a whole. When these kinds of pastor's are leading the congregation, I have to wonder, what kind of teaching was he giving them? I would almost bet with complete certainty, that this man did not preach against sin. Why? Because if he was living so deeply and darkly (is that a word??) in sin, that I am sure his conscience had to be killing him, and yet, he seems content to continue living a lie. A wolf in sheep's clothing -- leading the people -- but in what direction and at what cost? Does this pastor not know that to look with lust is the same as adultery? That all liars will have their part in the lake of fire? I would bet that this particular church has not heard a sermon on adultery or on lying. Which goes hand in hand with a lack of sermons on hell. It's all about feel good messages and God love you!

I pray this man repents of his sins. He has done a grave injustice in his service for God. He will be held accountable.

What secret sins do you have. This doesn't just happen to pastor's. It is happening every single day. People lie, steal and lust. They live a lie and think that no one will ever find out. Whether people here find out, remember this...
God knows and you have been found wanting!

I read this article and now I "feel dirty." I feel used. I am disgusted. God is so holy. Holy. Holy!!!! Come on...

Repent of your sins and put your faith and trust in Jesus.
Hit the streets today and DO NOT FEAR PASTOR'S AND DO NOT NEGLECT THEM...
When you witness to people, try doing this...

let's start witnessing to pastor's! Had someone approached this particular pastor with the Law of God, it might have opened his eyes. Do not just assume that all pastor's are saved. It is a sad comment, but, many many pastors are not saved!

Go and reach the lost the way Jesus did.


WayneDawg said...

Very sad indeed.

You make a very interesting and spot on comment; start witnessing to pastors.

You have hit a nail on the head that I don't think anyone has ever swung a hammer at. We all assume because a pastor is a pastor that he is a born-again believer in Christ.

You have challenged me to do just that.

I wonder how many pastors would answer the question, "Would you consider yourself to be a good person?" I bet you many would say yes. Any answer less than, "no, I'm not a good person, but I am born-again believer who has been sanctified by God through His Son Jesus Christ", would need to be witnessed to.

Good post.

pastorbrianculver said...

Thanks! I can probably name at least a dozen in my town alone who would say they are a good person. And the ones who would say they are not a good person, unfortunately, are not preaching the message they know they should be preaching. They have to keep everyone happy. I guess some pastors are only concerned about whether "they" go to heaven or not!