Monday, January 14, 2008

5 Dangerous things you should let your children do!

Are you worried about the kid at the 4:13 mark of the video yet?? Kind of has that devilish look on his face.

Did you notice that this video has nothing to do with Christianity?
It is kind of like the way a lot of churches are today, isn't it?

5 Dangerous things you should let your children do...

1.) Play with fire -- I agree with this one. For an unrepentant sinner, he needs to know that a lake of fire is awaiting him. Let your child find out what fire is really like. (supervised, of course!) If all you do is say, "No! stay away." the child will not truly understand the power that fire has. It has power to consume anything in its path. It can totally destroy. I would rather know that my son understands what Hell is like and who is going there, than to hide it from him.

2.) Own a pocket knife -- again, I agree. I had one when I was a little boy and I am still alive. You might want to watch that boy at the 4:13 mark again. He scares me! But overall, I think it is good for a child to learn to create and to use his hands. You teach him the basics of cut away from your body, keep the blade sharp and never force it.

3.) Throw a spear -- No, not Britney or her sister! Something more like a javelin (although, i have heard that a 2 door javelin will travel farther and faster than a sedan -- if you didn't get that joke, just ask me about it!) It builds analytical and physical skills, it also helps them develop their attention and concentration skills.

4.) Deconstruct appliances -- spend time with your child. Explore and have some adventures, but do it together!

5.) Break the DMCA -- Digital Millenium Copyright Act. The child needs to understand that he has broken laws even when he doesn't think he has. Explain the Ten Commandments to your child. Is he a good person?

5 1/2.) Drive a car! -- yes, let your child drive a car (on personal property, maybe on your lap, with nothing around in a totally safe lot. Why? It gives them a sense of accomplishment. I would rather know they have gained valuable training prior to getting into a car for the first time with other high school kids in the car.

Can these all be dangerous? Sure! Do they have to be? NO!
Or would you rather play it safe and let your kids sit in front of the TV all day long either watching tv shows or playing video games. I saw on the news that they have released a brand new game that is rated - M for mature. Of course, kids of all ages seem to get their hands on these because their parents do not want to withhold anything from them. The newest video actually has a full nudity scene of sex between a guy and a girl at the end of the game (I guess it is the reward for winning!)

Bring on the fire!! Let my child know that hell awaits anyone who has not repented of his sins and put his faith and trust in Jesus Christ!
Bring on the knives!! Let my child learn how to whittle and explore the outdoors. Let him learn to cut into and disect the Word of God.
Bring on the spears!! Keep the sisters on TV (no, actually take them off tv!) Let my child learn to throw things in a controlled way with precision and expertise. Let him learn to use God's Word to reach the lost out in the streets.
Bring on the DMCA!! Let my child learn the Ten Commandments and how he has broken each and every one of them (just like his dad has!) and let him learn that because of his iniquity, lawlessness, he (and I) are headed for hell, unless we repent of our sins and put our faith and trust in Jesus alone!
Bring on the car!! Let my child be empowered with God's Word and let him be prepared to go out into the world on his own when he is old enough. When he has been trained and is ready to leave the home, he will be ready to fight the good fight for the sake of our Lord and Savior!

Your child can handle a lot more than we give them credit for. I used to coach basketball. One team was 11-12 yr olds and the other team was 13-14. I taught the 11 yr olds the same plays that the 14 year olds did. The plays were the same ones used by the local high school program. The 11-12 yr olds went undefeated and the 13-14 yr olds lost one game all year. While other teams were doing simple plays, we were doing complex plays. The kids loved it. They all played and everyone had a lot of fun. You can have fun and still have discipline, believe me, it is possible.

Doesn't it seem like church is still doing the simple plays?

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