Monday, January 28, 2008

Mormon video propaganda

it seems the MORMON CHURCH has taken this video off their site or it is down for the time being. I will see if I can find it elsewhere and publish it for you!
Myths about the Mormon Church explained by Steve Young (Great Great Great Grandson of Brigham Young, Steve also played in the NFL as a QB for the San Francisco 49ers)

some words used by Steve: character, resolute, charitable, generosity.
He says that today, only 14% of all mormons live in Utah (and yet, 72% of the Utah population is Mormon). He says that less than half of all mormons live in the United States.

He says they want to dispel some myths that are still out there (notice his smile as he laughs about it, deception has a way of frosting the cake so you don't know it is really a lump of manure)

Myth #1 -- Mormons practice polygamy. He says that the mormons stopped the practice of polygamy over 100 years ago. And it bothers them to know there are some "who call themselves mormons" who are still practicing it. They are not mormons (yes they are, the follow Joseph Smith as their prophet!) he also did not say "why" polygamy was done away with. Go here to find out why! POLYGAMY

Myth #2 -- Mormons are a close knit group only interested in taking care of themselves. (this topic is such a poor use of space for them. Do you notice they do not talk about supposed myths of false prophecies by their prophets? They do not talk about supposed myths that they will become gods of their own planets? They do not talk about how supposedly Jesus had three wives?

Myth #3 -- Sharlene Hawkes comes in and talks about Mormons are not Christians. Oh she has the smile down pretty good. They don't like to hear Mormon Church. The Mormon Church is filled with people who think they are Christians. The Mormon Church worships a different Jesus Christ than the one found in the Bible. I will not give them the pleasure of referring to the Mormon Church as His church. They follow a false god. She does not mention the supposed myth that the Mormon Church considers ALL Christians to be apostate!! That is you and me, brothers and sisters in Christ! They think we are apostate! And yet, they want to be just like us. They want to be called Christians too. Joseph Smith wasn't wanting that. He was proud to be a MORMON and leader of the MORMON CHURCH! She does mention geneology. How come they don't acknowledge that the Bible says we are not to do that!!??

Sad thing is, their current prophet and president just died. How sad that he did not know the One and Only Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! Why will they NEVER be considered Christians and what MUST they do to be Christians?

As long as they hold on to wanting to be gods themselves and as long as they profess that Joseph Smith is a TRUE prophet of God (contrary to all of his FALSE prophecies), they will not only not be called Christians, they will be headed for hell. To become Christians, they MUST renounce Mormonism. They must throw their Book of Mormon away along with all of their other man made doctrines and fully and totally accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior (the TRUE Jesus of the Bible, not the fairy tale one made up in the minds of false prophets!)

If they want to make a video on supposed myths in the Mormon Church (they hate that name don't they?), yes, if they want to truly make a video on the supposed myths about the Mormon Church, then let's see them make one on blood atonement, Jesus' many wives, the angel having sex with Mary, baptism for the dead, spirit babies up in heaven and the list goes on and on. It is a church built upon lies and deceit. They won't even tell their members how much money they have. It is a very secret society and something to be feared. I will not be voting for Mitt Romney because he is a Mormon. If he can believe and be so gullible as to believe all of the lies of his own church, I do not want to trust him with my life and the life of my family. The goal of the Mormon Church is to take over the world. I know that sounds radical but their goal is to fill the whole world with Mormons. They want polygamy back so they can ensure their heavenly existance.

Don't fall to their propaganda. Satan wants you to believe it in the same manner that he has them believing it. You can tell by the undergarments they were constantly as a reminder of Lucifer, the god of this world!

Reach out to your local MORMON CHURCH, witness to them about the one and only Jesus Christ as found in the Bible. Which is the ONLY BOOK we need!
Here is a link of a bunch of other topics on the MORMON CHURCH!


Anonymous said...

I can tell you are very passionate about this subject. It is an important topic, indeed, particularly at this time as Mitt Romney, a professed and practicing Mormon is currently running for the office of President of the United States of America.

I believe that Satan was fully behind the foundation of the Mormon church, desiring greatly to become a stumbling block for the foundation of our Christian nation. It is therefore my belief that Satan would love to have one of HIS disciples in the office of president.

I agree with you that if a man is not wise enough to recognize the foolishness of the Mormon church and all of its lies which have been exposed time and time again, then he is clearly not fit to be the president of out great nation.

This was a very weak video for their church to have put out, an insult actually to the people. It was clearly directed toward those in society who know nothing about them, therefore would be more inclined to take their video at face value.

Those interviewed in the beginning were obviously not the sorts of people who are inclined toward doing a little research of their own, therefore they are not the type who would research beyond the half-truths and lies spewed in this very incomplete video-mercial.

Personally, I believe this video was an insulting bit of manipulation and puppeteering of those in society who either were, or are not inclined toward education, whether they lacked the opportunity owing to external circumstances or simply did not have the drive. Either way, to toss these half-truths out there and only those things that imply Mormons are closer to the Christian faith than they really are, was misleading, dishonest and clearly resembles the strategies of the great deceiver himself, their Father Lucifer.

Nevertheless, if we are to tell the truth about their false god(s), then we must tell it in love, lest we become nothing more than clanging cymbals and undermine the very authority granted us through the power of the true Jesus of the Bible and the Holy Spirit who lives in us. (That was not an accusation or admonishment. It was more, me talking to myself, 'cause I can become rather riled over things like this).

Anyway, it was good to see this vido. It seems that even the Mormon church has become wise as to what is not particularly acceptable about their faith since they didn't even have the courage to mention such things in their short video as: Believing Jesus to be the spirit brother of Lucifer. ugh! Jesus not being part of the Trinity, therefore being God in person, and all those things you listed as well.

If they are so confident and so sure their way is the only way, then they should not be so shy about speaking boldly of those things they REALLY believe.

Coram Deo said...

From Alpha & Omega Ministries:

Quotations from Mormon Leaders on the Christian Faith

by James White

We hear it over and over again. "We never put down other churches. That's not Christian." Or, a variant on this theme is, "You have strengthened my testimony, because you are persecuting the Church!" Often LDS people interpret any disagreement with their beliefs as "persecution" or "bashing," and claim that their Church would never do that!

Yet, in reality, disagreement and refutation is not persecution. If it is, then Paul was "persecuting" the Judaizers in Galatia when he wrote such a strong letter denouncing their beliefs (the book of Galatians). Christians are to stand for the truth, and "refute those who contradict" (Titus 1:9). In fact, it is an act of love to speak the truth (see our on-site e-tract, Why Do You Do This?).

But there is another reason LDS people should not cry "Foul!" when encountering strong disagreement with LDS beliefs. It's a matter of simple consistency. As the following quotations show, Mormon leaders, and even Mormon scripture, denounce the Christian faith! Why is it fair for Joseph Smith to say all other churches are "corrupt," yet Christians cannot reply by saying Joseph Smith was in error?

"Behold there are save two churches only; the one is the Church of the Lamb of God and the other is the church of the devil; wherefore whoso belongeth not to the church of the lamb of God belongeth to that great church; which is the mother of abominations; and she is the whore of all the earth." (The Book of Mormon, 1 Nephi 14:10)

"Nothing less than a complete apostasy from the Christian religion would warrant the establishment of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints." (Documentary History of the Church, Introduction, xl)

"I was answered that I must join none of them (Christian Churches), for they were all wrong...that all their creeds were an abomination in His sight" (Joseph Smith History 1:19).

"...orthodox Christian views of God are Pagan rather than Christian." (Mormon Doctrine of Deity by B.H. Roberts, p.116)

"...the God whom the 'Christians' worship is a being of their own creation..." (Apostle Charles W. Penrose, JD 23:243)

"The Christian world, so called, are heathens as to their knowledge of the salvation of God." (Brigham Young, JD 8:171)

"We may very properly say that the sectarian world do not know anything correctly, so far as pertains to salvation. Ask them where heaven is?- where they are going to when they die?-where Paradise is! -and there is not a priest in the world that can answer your questions. Ask them what kind of a being our Heavenly Father is, and they cannot tell you so much as Balaam's ass told him. They are more ignorant than children." (Brigham Young, JD 5:229).

"The Christian world, I discovered, was like the captain and crew of a vessel on the ocean without a compass, and tossed to and fro whithersoever the wind listed to blow them. When the light came to me, I saw that all the so-called Christian world was grovelling in darkness." (Brigham Young, JD 5:73).

"What! Are Christians ignorant? Yes, as ignorant of the things of God as the brute best." (John Taylor, JD 13:225)

"What does the Christian world know about God? Nothing...Why so far as the things of God are concerned, they are the veriest fools; they know neither God nor the things of God." (John Taylor, JI) 13:225)

"Believers in the doctrines of modern Christendom will reap damnation to their souls (Bruce R. McConkie, Mormon Doctrine, p.177)

"I have learned for myself that Presbyterianism is not true." (Joseph Smith, DHC 1:6)

"I spoke of the impropriety of turning away from the truth, and going after a people so destitute of righteousness as the Methodists." (Joseph Smith, DHC 2:319)

" Joseph B. Nobles once told a Methodist priest, after hearing him describe his god, that the god they worshiped was the "Mormon's" Devil-a being without a body, whereas our God has a body, parts and passions." (Brigham Young, JD 5:331)

" Heber C. Kimball was beset by a number of Baptist priests who had been attending a conference. He read them all down out of the New Testament....With regard to true theology, a more ignorant people never lived than the present so-called Christian world." (Brigham Young, JD 8:199).

"The Roman Catholic, Greek, and Protestant church, is the great corrupt, ecclesiastical power, represented by great Babylon...." (Orson Pratt, Orson Pratt, Writings of an Apostle, "Divine Authenticity," no.6, p.84).

"...all the priests who adhere to the sectarian religions of the day with all their followers, without one exception, receive their portion with the devil and his angels." (The Elders Journal, Joseph Smith Jr., editor, vol.1, no.4, p.60)

"And any person who shall be so wicked as to receive a holy ordinance of the gospel from the ministers of any of these apostate churches will be sent down to hell with them, unless they repent of the unholy and impious act." (Orson Pratt, OP-WA, "The Kingdom of God," no.2, p.6)

"...all other churches are entirely destitute of all authority from God; and any person who recieves baptism or the Lord's supper from their hands will highly offend God, for he looks upon them as the most corrupt people." (Orson Pratt, The Seer, pg. 255)

"...the great apostate church as the anti-christ...This great the church of the devil." (Apostle Bruce R. McConkie, Mormon Doctrine p.40)

"Both Catholics and Protestants are nothing less than the "whore of Babylon" whom the lord denounces by the mouth of John the Revelator as having corrupted all the earth by their fornications and wickedness." (Pratt, The Seer, p.255)

"Brother Taylor has just said that the religions of the day were hatched in hell. The eggs were laid in hell, hatched on its borders, and then kicked on to the earth." (Brigham Young, JD 6:176)

"Evil spirits control much of the so-called religious worship in the world; for instance, the great creeds of Christendom were formulated so as to conform to their whispered promptings." (Bruce R. McConkie, Mormon Doctrine, p.246)

"After the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was organized, there were only two churches upon the earth. They were known respectively as the Church of the Lamb of God and Babylon. The various organizations which are called churches throughout Christiandom, though differing in their creeds and organizations, have one common orgin. They belong to Babylon." (George Q. Cannon, Gospel Truth, p.324)

Finally, note the views of Mormon Prophet Brigham Young regarding the Christian view of Jesus Christ:

"You may hear the divines of the day extol the character of the Saviour, undertake to exhibit his true character before the people, and give an account of his origin...I have frequently thought of mules, which you know are half horse and half ass, when reflecting upon the representations made by those divines. I have heard sectarian priests undertake to tell the character of the Son of God, and they make him half of one species and half of another, and I could not avoid thinking at once of the mule, which is the most hateful creature that ever was made, I believe. You will excuse me, but I have thus thought many a time" (Journal of Discourses 4:217).

Reformation Nation said...

I would have enjoyed the video better had I not had trouble seeing through all the smoke and mirrors.

pastorbrianculver said...

can you imagine how confusing it must be for the actual members? They don't know from one day to the next what they are to believe! Now that they have a new president of their church, they will most likely have to believe something else now!

Anonymous said...

Jesus is the Christ and Savior of all mankind. And before you denounce a church that claims to be the only true church of Jesus Christ I think you should take the time to humble yourself enough to get on your knees and ask God for an answer to whether or not the Book of Mormon is true. Then read it and study it and pray while you do so. If you do this with real intent you might be surprised. What if you have been deceived by many half-truths?
The reason the Mormon Church prefers to be called by it actual name is because it is not the Church of Mormon, it does not worship the book of Mormon, it is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. They worship God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ.
I know that you will probably not allow this post, but I do hope that you will consider what I have said.

pastorbrianculver said...

Since I was in the Mormon Church and since I did pray about the book of mormon and felt the burning in the bosom, I was a mormon in leadership position. If at the top of my blog where it says search, type in Mormon links and then read all of my posts on mormonism. I think that will answer to you why I left the Mormon Church and denounce it as a True Church of God!

Anonymous said...

seems to me as though you'd have left the church, as most do, because it was too hard for you to live the standards expected.

lies and deceit aren't what keep me in the church. Jesus Christ does.

pastorbrianculver said...

Anonymous, you said,
"seems to me as though you'd have left the church, as most do, because it was too hard for you to live the standards expected."

Actually, I was able to uphold the standards the church set. They are not biblical standards so it was quite easy!!

you also said,
"lies and deceit aren't what keep me in the church. Jesus Christ does."

The biggest problem stems from the fact that the LDS version of Jesus is not the biblical Jesus. If you are following after the LDS Jesus, then you are in reality, following after Satan! Since it is HIS brother you are following! (LDS doctrine!) It makes a HUGE difference which Jesus you follow. Mormons are blinded to the TRUTH. I pray that you search the Bible, God's Holy Word and forget about the Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, Pearl of Great Price, the Ensign and especially all of those false prophets!!

stella said...

I went to a Mormon church service a few weeks ago to hear my student (who is Mormon) sing for some kids day thing....I was blown away by what I experienced. The amount of prophet worship. Jesus Christ was never mentioned in anything. They glorified the temple and baptism of the dead. Then I went off to the children's class, where we watched some movie about what was going on in the Americas at the same time Jesus was on earth. Then I listened to some 4 year olds rattle off their articles of faith.

One of the women wanted to try to convert me. (She had been a missionary years before, and I told her about my evangelism experience). I talked about some of the objections to the Christian faith. I lovingly told her that the Book of Mormon is not supported by Scripture. There is no historical, archaeological or prophetic proof for it.

I started talking to her about how there is archaeological proof for the Old and New Testament. She said she really didn't know these things because she felt it was not important. I spoke with her about the importance of knowing what you believe and why.

I lovingly left her not only with the Gospel, but with the difference of what we believe....and why I could never be Mormon.

She turned to my student and said, "Thank you for bringing your very interesting teacher with you today."

pastorbrianculver said...

Hi stella,
praise God for your witness to her! That is awesome. Not sure if it was sarcasm the way the lady told the kid thanks for bringing your teacher, but nonetheless, it is a praise to God the way you stood up for the faith!