Saturday, December 8, 2007

A warning to Pastors


Regarding .................

Pastors, ministerial associations, non-profit Christian organizations--you have been targeted by the Mormon Church.
Mormon in-house documents give instructions on how they are to infiltrate interdenominational gatherings, cozy up to Pastors, and otherwise present themselves as fellow evangelicals.
Careful instructions are given under the heading, "Love Thy Minister Neighbor". One subheading boldly claims "Win a Minister and Influence a Thousand". One section says, "Some LDS question the integrity of making friends with ministers while "out after their sheep". LDS are proclaiming the most glorious event since the resurrection of the Savior, the Restoration of the Lord's gospel. "
Of course, they are referring to the Mormon "restoration". and they want YOU, because if they get you, they figure they will get your flock too.
Under the Heading "Possible Things to Do", the LDS President is encouraged to:
l. Visit each minister at his church.
2. Attend special events at his church.
3. Invite him to lunch.
4. Attend clergy council as an observer or friend.
5. Send congratulations or recognitions whenever appropriate.
6. Offer a special shrub or tree for their new building.
7. Invite them to "clergy only" open house tours at new LDS churches.
8. Offer your service in response to their needs, such as fires, emer gencies etc.
9. Send flowers for special events such as Easter and Christmas.
Eight similar suggestions follow, but you get the picture!

One Pastor received the following letter from the LDS President in his city.
Dear Reverend ________:
I would like to introduce myself. I am President of the _________Stake, of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormons). ..Our people are neighbors and friends with your people and work side by side with them worthwhile endeavors for the betterment of our community.
I have long felt there are many more similarities in our teachings and objectives as church leaders than differences to keep us apart and from working together. It is my desire to discover and emphasize those similarities and work with you and the other spiritual leaders in our community to bring about the kinds of positive moral changes that can only come about through co-operation, mutual respect and understanding.
To this end I would like to give you a gift subscription to our major church publication, The Ensign...This monthly magazine will give you a birds-eye view into our happenings, our philosophies and our individual day-to-day struggles to internalize the example and teachings of Jesus Christ.
I would very much like to get to know you and explore areas where we, as spiritual shepherds, can work together to more fully bless our own congregations as well as our community at large".

We are happy to report that the Pastor who received this letter, pointed out to the Mormon writer that he could not, in good conscience participate in any joint activities, nor "buddy up" with him in order to make him appear as part of "mainstream Christianity".
He also defended the gospel when he said, "False teaching leads to false religion", and
"As you have probably experienced, there is still that emptiness in your heart that can ONLY be filled by Jesus Christ..It is difficult to break out, I understand, but many have...", "You need the cross for forgiveness of sin. Jesus' message is still the same, "repent and BELIEVE the gospel". Good response!

The Jesus Christ of Mormonism
is just one god among many,
the spirit-brother of Lucifer,
who was born when the father slept with Mary.
This is not the Jesus of the Bible.

Not sure if it is true the Mormons want your people? In my hometown of Galesburg, IL the LDS church is already a part of the Ministerial Alliance. They have gotten their foot in the door. When pastors allow cult members voting rights, then they have already opened the door to trouble!


Anonymous said...

Great warning! Thanks for posting this.


bwb said...

You've got to be kidding!

pastorbrianculver said...

I wish I was, but, NOPE! not kidding!

Brenda said...

Beware of the Mormons. They're trying to be . . . nice!

pastorbrianculver said...

like a wolf in sheeps clothing!!!