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There was a time...1999 AD

These videos were created back in 1967. The young man you see in the second video is a huge celebrity today -- Wink Martindale, game show host. Okay, maybe not a huge celebrity but kind of well known if you watch game shows on TV. Back in 1967 they talked about the future having the ability to do shopping "online" from your own home. Pay bills online and even send messages (email). Of course there are no flying cars in this video but that hasn't happened (yet!). Of course, now when we see on tv thoughts of what the future will be like, we don't even blink an eye, because we know that almost anything is possible. But there was a time...

A time when the thought that man could fly was absurd.
A time when the image of trains crossing the country were unimagineable.
A time when being able to talk on a phone (one ringy dingy, two ringy dingy)all the way across america or even right next door would have been crazy thinking.
A time when automobiles would go 100 miles per hour was unthought of.
A time when vaccines to prevent polio and other diseases were the miracle cure all.

There was a time when no one thought of any of these things. But someone did. Someone had an idea and used his God-given brain to invent, create and discover wonderful advances for humanity.
There was a time when the average life span was only about 45 years of age. Then someone realized that if doctor's would wash and sanitize their hands when moving from one patient to another, they could save lives.
There was a time when prayer was allowed in schools.
There was a time when people went to church to (now get this) TO HEAR THE WORD OF GOD PREACHED. NOT TO BE ENTERTAINED. TO BE EDIFIED IN GOD'S WORD!!

There was a time when a man and a woman lived in a place called the Garden of Eden. It was wonderful and perfect.
There was a time when sin was not alive in man.
There was a time when the serpent beguiled Eve.
There was a time when two people looked after their own wants and desires and forgot about what God had told them.
There was a time when two brothers brought their offerings to God.
There was a time when one brother killed the other.
There was a time when every person was headed for hell.
God showed the world His ultimate love for them. He sent His Son to die on the cross for our sins.
What does he require of us?
to believe in His Son.
There was a time when belief in Jesus meant that we would totally put our faith and trust in Him. We would show our lives as being changed, new creatures in Christ. Repentant sinners who walked after righteousness. Obedient to His Word. Meeting publicly to share His Word.
There was a time when God was our very reason for living.
Man decided he had a better way.
Man decided that they had a better way of presenting God's Word than Jesus did.
Man decided that they could reinterpret God's Word to align with the world's values.
Man decided to mock the very name of Jesus by saying all you have to do is believe...
Man redefined what it means to believe in Jesus...
Man says all you have to do is say a prayer and you are saved.
Man says you need to know what your purpose in life is.
Man says your church needs to know what it's purpose is. (of course, it might take 40 days for you to find out what God's purpose is for your life)
Man has completely succeeded in creating false converts!
God's plan is still in control.
His Word is the final authority.
His Word is the contract that we have all signed with our destination being determined by where we signed (enter - heaven or hell)
His Word is never changing.
His Word is all encompassing.
His Word is sharp and will cut in to your heart and minds.
His Word will not return back void.
In the beginning God...
There you have it, my favorite line of Scripture.
In the beginning God...
He is in control.
He is the creator of all
He is the sustainer of all
He is the redeemer
He is the judge
He is love
He is a God of wrath
He has prepared a place for us
Long ago, he said what he was going to do.
He said that a child would be born of a virgin
He said that he would be bruised for our iniquities
He said that He would return to judge the quick and the dead.
Even looking back, people have still refused to believe that Jesus is the Messiah
Even looking back, people have still refused to give their life to Jesus
In the beginning, God...
Knew what we would need and He requires that we put our faith and trust in His Son.
What does it mean to put your faith and trust in Jesus?
What is the definition of faith?

The dictionary definition of faith is, “the theological virtue defined as secure belief in God and a trusting acceptance of God's will.” For a Christian, this definition is not just words on a page it is a way of life. Faith is acceptance of what we cannot see but feel deep within our hearts. Faith is a belief that one-day we will stand before our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

The Theological Virtue For Christians, believing is not seeing. Our life is built on the knowledge that God came to earth, died on a cross, rose again on the third day, and then ascended back into heaven. Why do we believe, because the Bible tells us so. We were not there when Jesus was crucified, yet we believe. We were not there when Jesus rose again, yet we believe.

Too many people want physical proof. Even Thomas, one of Jesus’ twelve disciples, said he would not believe unless he saw Jesus. What was Jesus’ answer to him when he saw Jesus? “Because you have seen me you have believed, blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe” (John 20:29). This is the theological virtue known as faith, believing what we did not see because we know it in our hearts to be true.

Secure Belief in God As Christians, we are secure in the knowledge that there is a God and that He rewards those that diligently seek Him. Faith for a Christian is much more than just a belief; it is security. Christians are secure in the knowledge that when all things come to pass they will see their Savior Jesus Christ.

Faith is a belief that what is said in the Bible is true based on the eyewitness accounts and the peace that comes when we turn our lives over to God. Faith is also the security of knowing that we are firmly in God’s hands and no matter what happens nothing will shake us from them. Faith is our secure belief in God and our secure belief of God and our secure belief that all things happen through God.

Trusting Acceptance of God’s Will As Christians, we do not only have a secure belief in God, we also have an acceptance that what God tells us to do is for our benefit. A part of the definition of faith is accepting God’s will over our own will. This means that we understand that what God is asking us to do will always work out for the good of those who love and listen to Him.

Jesus said to us to have faith like a little child. A child will accept what is asked of them and then go and do it. As Christians we do not question what God wants us to do. We just go ahead and do it because we have faith that what we are being asked to do will help further the Kingdom of God here on earth.

Faith Is A Verb In a way, faith is a verb because it means we must act on what we believe. Faith, as we have seen, is the theological virtue of being secure in our belief that God is real and that His Son died on the cross for our sins. It is taking that in a trusting acceptance of what God wants us to do and then going out and doing what we are told.

Some time ago someone likened faith to the wind: we cannot see the wind, we cannot hear the wind unless it blows against something, we can only feel the wind when it touches our skin or rustles our hair. Faith is like that wind. We cannot see what we believe in, we cannot hear what we believe in unless we open our eyes to the truth, but we can sure feel that our faith is justified by the joy we feel in our hearts. Remember, in the end, we all put our faith in something, so let it be the truth.

What is the definition of Trust?

Firm reliance on the integrity, ability, or character of a person or thing.
Something committed into the care of another.
Reliance on something in the future; hope.
Reliance on the intention and ability of a purchaser to pay in the future (Jesus paid our fine!)
To have or place reliance; depend: Trust in the Lord. Trust to destiny.
To denote a feeling of certainty that a person or thing will not fail

So, have you put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ? Not just a little piece of saying I believe (because even the Devil believes!). It is much deeper dependance upon the word of God. If your faith and trust is in Jesus to save you, it will show by the way you live. You will have the fruits of repentance and thanksgiving evident in your life. You will desire to get into God's Word on a daily basis. You will examine yourself daily to see to it that you are in the faith.
What will your future hold? Will it still involve a relationship with Jesus Christ? Will you be stronger in your faith tomorrow than you are today? Will you be out reaching the lost as a sign of obedience and love to God? What does your faith look like today? Would God be happy with the new created being that is YOU?

There was a time when you were headed to hell...
There was a time when someone loved you enough to show you how exceedingly sinful you are...
There was a time when you had to humble yourself and say "not my will, but Thy Will be done!"
Have you gotten to "that" time yet?
Repent and put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Be obedient to His Word.

Christmas is less than two weeks away...
there was a time when a baby was born of a virgin...
Are you ready to face Him? He is no longer a baby. He is God!
You will be seeing God face to face when you die in the future (could be today), are you ready to see Him? Before it is too late, repent of your sins and put your faith and trust in the ONLY ONE WHO CAN SAVE YOU!

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