Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The God Makers 2, part 2

If you have not watched part one yet, please scroll down to yesterday's post before viewing this one. Tomorrow, I will post part 3!

If any mormons out there feel that I am misrepresenting your religion and faith, please feel free to comment. Unfortunately, (for the mormons) everything is documented in their own sources, so it would be hard to accuse me of making it up to make them look bad. My desire is not to make anyone look bad. My desire is to make all mormons look INTO THE BIBLE to see what it has to say about their religion. Don't just read those verses that you have been taught to read by your church, but read the whole of the Bible. Read it in context. Understand who is being talked to at any given time. Go to a Christian bookstore (When I was a mormon, I never stepped foot inside one, I wish I had!!!) and read what it said about Mormonism (you will find it under the heading of CULTS).

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