Thursday, December 13, 2007

Hell Number 2 - repost

Hell number 2?
Darrell Robinson said -- "The world says you can't confront people with Jesus; you'll run them off. Where are you going to run them off to? Hell number 2?

I have such a strong desire to see people out in the streets preaching to the lost. Unfortunately, the church I attended did not think it was necessary for all people to do that. A comment was made that sounded something like this: "I don't have the gift of evangelism so..."

In another church in town, the pastor puts down his goal for the whole year. He claims he does not have the gift of evangelism so he has to be intentional in reaching the lost (he has to force himself to love his neighbor!). His goal for the year? He wanted to "try" to reach one unsaved person per month! At the end of the year he couldn't say for sure whether he had accomplished his goal of 12 for the year. He said he didn't have the numbers. He wasn't able to count up to 12 people!! This man see's thousands of people each month and he has a goal of wanting to reach ONE lost soul and bring him to Christ.

Is it any wonder that only 2% of Christian actually get out and evangelize? When our very own pastor's do not find it important enough to preach to their congregation the necessity of fulfilling the Great Commission, it is little wonder that the people will be lazy in this regard too. The spiritual gift of evangelism is to be used in the church to edify the body of believers. Much the same way the spiritual gift of preaching is. The gifts are used to edify the believers so that they will be empowered to go out in obedience to God's Word and reach the lost. They will be able to give an answer for their faith (that is going to be discussed in my next blog!!!!!) If the pastor does not have the gift of evangelism then he should be the first person through the door in the evangelism class! He has no excuse! We held an evangelism class in our church and the pastor did not show up even one time! And yet, he admits that he does not have the gift of evangelism.

The Good Samaritan offers up a good story for you to follow.

A non-christian has fallen and he is headed to hell. A pastor walks by and says, "man, I already reached my one person for this month - sorry!" A church-going christian comes and says, "man, if the pastor didn't stop then I don't have to either!" Finally, a Christian, who is obedient to God's Word, a person who loves his neighbor enough to bend down and offer him his time. A person who is willing to explain God's Law to convict the man of his sins and then he tells of what Jesus did on the cross."

Now, I ask you -- who is it that showed God's love to his neighbor?

If your own pastor does not make it a habit to reach out to the lost, do not make the same mistake for yourself. Just because a person is a pastor, just because he went to seminary, is no guarantee that he is truly obedient to God's Word. He might do a decent job of preaching, he might say all of the correct things, but if he is not being obedient to Gods Word, then don't use him to justify your own lack of interest in reaching the lost. Jesus said that whoever hears His commands and keeps His commands (and does them!) is the one who loves him and will be loved of the Father.

Here is the plan...

Make today the day that you decide to finally follow Jesus wholeheartedly. Be obedient to His Word, repent of your sins and put your faith and trust solely on Jesus Christ! Get out and reach the lost. Arm yourself with God's Word. Know the Ten Commandments. Do not get discouraged. Satan WILL attack you as you start walking in His ways. Rejoice in that! For the world will hate you because they first hated Him!

So what are you waiting for? The nonchristian is falling into eternal punishment each and every day. Are you scared to talk to them? Why? Do you think you are going to send them to Hell number 2!

You've heard of Spurgeon's Gold, and Wesley's Gold, consider this to be Culver's Copper! ;0)

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