Thursday, December 6, 2007

Easy Believism Osmosis!

Entertainment for the masses
Applaud the wonderful music
Stand up and stomp your feet
Yell to the mountaintops that you are saved!
Believe in Jesus and do nothing
Escape your troubled lives
Live for self and be a good person
Invite your friends to church!
Enjoy your sunday school class with lots of stories!
Verify nothing that your pastor says
Investigate nothing in the Bible on your own
Sing lovely songs that stir emotions
Make plans for luncheons
Old habits die hard so don't bother changing
Share your faith story with others
Munch on some chips and drink some coffee in the sanctuary
Order the pastor's books on your Purpose in life!
Sex is a gift from God, does He really say no to premarital sex?
Insesitive to others heading to hell is being too harsh

It has gotten to the point where even the Christian radio stations around here have fallen for the easy believism patter of Christianity. They play Rudolf the Red-nosed Reindeer and other secular songs throughout the day in hopes that people might like the music they remember hearing as a child and that it will help them come to know Christ. Rather than being a BOLD radio station that actually will tell people what they need to do to be saved, they have taken the easy road. They do not want to offend their listeners. Unfortunately, the One whom they are offending is God. yes, we celebrate the birth of Jesus and it is definitely something to celebrate. Frosty the Snowman has nothing to do with Jesus. Jesus did not melt under pressure. Jesus did not smoke a pipe. Jesus died a terrible death. Why? Because he was a bad person? NO! Because WE are bad people. He took on all of our sins and was bruised for our iniquities (lawlessness).
To the radio stations (Christian), I plead with you to get your act together and return to biblical teaching. I have a strong feeling that the people running the station are not truly saved themselves. Maybe that is an unfair comment for me to make, but wouldn't Satan want to diminish the significance of Jesus' birth by throwing in secular music? Think about it? If Satan were running a Christian radio station, he would want to get people thinking they are saved, but he would stop just short of making sure they were! he would want them to have a false hope. I listened to WCIC out of Peoria, IL last night and it made me sick to listen to the secular songs being played. Please WCIC, preach the gospel, preach God's Law and the need to repent of sins. Are you worried it will offend people? Shouldn't you be more worried that God is offended by you not presenting "THE WHOLE MESSAGE OF THE CROSS?".
I challenge everyone out there to listen to your local Christian radio station and if they have fallen into secular easy believism osmosis (the thought that people will come to Christ by chance of listening to music -- regardless of it being secular), then challenge them on it!
The statements at the top spell out easybelievismosmosis if read downward!
God bless and Merry Christmas!

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