Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Due to bad weather (theology)...

When I got off work yesterday afternoon, my boss told me to call into work this morning by 4am to see if we would be working today. You see, there was a huge ice storm heading our way. By the time I went to sleep it still wasn't raining. I woke up around 2:30am to see it raining pretty hard. I called the "time and temperature" lady and she said it was 35 degree's outside. Too warm for ice but it was supposed to get colder throughout the day I called into work at 4am like I was told to and a recording came on saying, "due to bad weather, all offices and all classes have been cancelled."

So, I get a day off! I was already scheduled to be off this coming thursday, friday, saturday and sunday (I had to use up my personal time off or else I would lose it). So now, I just have to work on wednesday and then will have four more days off! Pretty nice. I am really looking forward to being off. Good day to stay inside and do nothing.

The title of my blog is Time 2 Change Churches. Why? Well, let me tell you...

Due to bad theology!

Due to bad theology all need for repentance has been cancelled...

Due to bad theology all calls for obedience have come in a form of a recorded message saying "obedience has been cancelled"...

Due to bad theology you have been given a much needed day off from serving the Lord and Savior...

Due to bad theology you know there is a storm coming but it hasn't hit yet, so go back to sleep...

Due to bad theology you only have to work once this week (sunday), maybe twice if you go to Bible study on Wednesdays...

Due to bad theology we have people who have signed a pact with the Devil! Here they are...

The following names have links associated with them. I am so disappointed in them for signing this pact, I think that we as true Christians need to hold them accountable for their bad theology. They are leading thousands if not millions of people astray because of their bad theology and because of their denying Christ by signing this pact. They might tell you that they are not denying Christ, because "see, we mention Jesus Christ many times." But what they are doing is putting Jesus on the same level as the prophet Muhammad of the muslem religion. And then when they ask for forgiveness in the name of the All-Merciful One. (by their very own quote they say, "in the muslem tradition, God, the lord of the worlds, is the Infinitely Good and All-Merciful One.") This is a long list, contact as many of them or their schools to show your disgust (do so in a loving manner but hold them accountable biblically)! Not all are listed here but here are some prominent ones...

Since the paper was drawn up by Yale, here is their email address. ycfcinfo@yale.edu

(here is the Presidents office at Fuller - pres-asst@dept.fuller.edu

Leith Anderson is the President of the National Association of Evangelicals (here is his email address, president@nae.net

Dr. Don Argue former President of NAE. He now works for Northwest University recpt@northwestu.edu I see Joseph Castleberry the President of Northwest also signed the pact.

Dr. Ray Bakke is convening chair of EMEU contact@emeu.net

J.D. Bindenagel Vice President Depaul University,

contact President at president@depaul.edu

Curtiss Paul DeYoung Professor at Bethel University hurd@bethel.edu

Mark U. Edwards Jr. Senior Advisor to the dean at Harvard Divinity School kerry_maloney@harvard.edu


Dr. Stanton L. Jones Provost and Professor of Psychology, Wheaton College bgcadm@wheaton.edu (in case you don't know, BGC is Billy Graham Center) and yes, Duane Litfin the president of Wheaton College signed it too.

Tony Jones Emergent Village (never mind, that is a whole different issue!!)

Greg Livingstone (check out where I found his name listed) mail@desiringgod.org

Rev Dr. Robert Schuller (don't you love it when they sign their names with "extra's Rev and Dr)? Hour of Power contact page

and drum roll please,

last but not least (gee, that won't even qualify for him in heaven, you got to get there to qualify for that!)


Three and a half hours later it is still raining and as the temperature plummets, it will all turn to ice. Most likely, there will be many accidents out in the streets. Do you have a guarantee of being alive by the end of today? No. Neither do any of the people who signed the pact. Please contact either them or their schools to ask them to repent and to see the errors of their judgments before it is too late. As Christians, we need to not be ashamed of Jesus. He is not just "another" prophet like Muhammad, He is our Lord and Savior and no man comes to the Father but through Him!


stella said...

Hope you're having a good day off. I took off a week at the last minute and came back to the States. Unfortunately, I have to go back to Taiwan tomorrow. blaaahh!! Well, at least there aren't any ice storms there!!! (Avg temp: 72 degrees....nice....)

pastorbrianculver said...

did you enjoy your time back in the states? 72 degree's!! oh how I miss that! I hope your travel back to Taiwan is a safe one. Not too much time left over there for you now, is there?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Pastor. Unbelievably, the church my wife and I attend allowed Dr. Duane Litfin, the President of Wheaton College to preach this past Sunday, even after the elders were notified that he was one of the signers of this outrageous "Christian Response" letter!

I will start emailing ASAP. Please keep up the good work! This is not a small issue.

pastorbrianculver said...

So, if the elders knew about it and wanted him to speak anyway, what does that say about the leadership in the church? Sorry to hear they were not willing to stand up and do the right thing. Which seems to be a pattern anymore, doesn't it. Please do send out the emails. Thank you for your support on this. God bless

Jay said...

What about your neighbor Bill Hybels? :)

Anonymous said...

So, I read both your post and the original statement. I think that you have misrepresented what was stated. Isn't misrepresentation a lie and a sin?

There was no comparison between Jesus and Muhammad. The reference to Muhammad was one of respect for another human being (Muslims). There was no denial of Jesus Christ. There was a comparison between the Christian and Muslim one God - for there is only one God, Creator of Heaven and Earth.

Isn't there a way to stay true to your beliefs and follow the commands of Jesus Christ? To love everyone unconditionally as he has loved. To speak of what he has done and who he is, but not require others to actually believe. Every person's destination is between them and God - for heaven or for hell.

pastorbrianculver said...

"So, I read both your post and the original statement. I think that you have misrepresented what was stated. Isn't misrepresentation a lie and a sin?"

No, since it is YOUR opinion that I have misrepresented something, does not make it a lie and a sin on my part. I have accurately presented the facts.

"There was no comparison between Jesus and Muhammad"

No, not upfront there wasn't. But the wording never once said that Jesus was the ONLY way to heaven. They kept presenting Jesus in the same terminology as they did with Muhammad.

"There was no denial of Jesus Christ"
That's true, there was no outright denial. But there was also no statement of Truth of who Jesus is!

"Isn't there a way to stay true to your beliefs and follow the commands of Jesus Christ?"
Not sure why you have the distinction written the way you do. It sounds as though you believe in Muhammad and will follow the Commands of Jesus. It doesn't work like that. Jesus said, I am the way, the truth and the light, no man comes to the Father but through me. Our beliefs should only be in Jesus!

"for there is only one God, Creator of Heaven and Earth."
In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God...the Word became flesh! John spoke of who Jesus is. He is the Word that became flesh. He is God.

"To speak of what he has done and who he is, but not require others to actually believe. Every person's destination is between them and God - for heaven or for hell."
Yes, we speak of what Jesus has done! Yes, we speak of who he is! It is not me that requires others to actually believe. It is God the Father who says that he who has the Son has life and he who has not the Son has not life. If we do not believe in Jesus, by putting our total trust and faith in Him then we will be destined to go to Hell. Yes, it is between each person and God. My blog is hopefully to help people, Mormons, nonchristians, false christians, and even muslems to understand that in order to go to heaven you must put your faith and trust in the Jesus of the Bible (not the book of mormon or other books!). I pray that you will search as to why Jesus died on the cross. It is because we are all exceedingly sinful and cannot make it to heaven based on our good works. He had to die. Here's the big difference between Jesus and Muhammad, after death, Jesus came back to life and rose from the dead. He was seen by hundreds of witnesses and he will return to judge the quick and the dead.

pastorbrianculver said...

Hi Jay!
As for Bill Hybels...
did you see where he spoke to his congregation this past weekend about the "reveal" plan. You know, where he basically said that what we have been doing for the past 20 or so years has been a complete failure!!!!! And yet, he will not change his ways!

reformedlawless said...


Thanks for the post. We have several Willow Creek Association churches in Midland. I like your idea of posting email addresses. I will do the same for the 5 local churches we have here.

No misrepresentation on your part. The authors and cosigners ask for forgiveness from Allah which makes them polytheist or they believe that God and Allah are the same. By doing so in my viewpoint they deny that Jesus is God. They give the words of Muhammad and Jesus equal value and there is no greater authority under, in or above heaven than Jesus.

My pastor and I did a local talk show radio program about this subject yesterday and I hope to have it up on my audio blog in a few days. The address is www.impactmidland.com.

God Bless

pastorbrianculver said...

I am looking forward to listening to it! thanks!

Steve K. said...

So you weren't "in the faith" when you were a pastor, but you think you are "in the faith" now? What makes you think that's the case? Judgmentalism like this seems downright unsanctified to me.

pastorbrianculver said...

It's not judgmentalism at all. It is about knowing Scripture. I have said many times that when I was a pastor, I was not repentant of my sins. I "believed" in Jesus but it takes so much more than that. Yes, belief is all it takes but having a "CORRECT" understanding of what belief is and what it looks like is essential to your faith. When the Bible clearly teaches that homosexuality is sin and is worthy of a judgment of hell, it is not for the emergent church to say they have to re-examine what was really meant in the bible. You either believe the Bible to be the Word of God, with no errors, or you don't. If you don't, then don't plan on going to heaven. The God of the Bible has been revealed to us and we are told that we need to repent of our sins. We are told that we are to be obedient to His Word. Anything less than that is disobedience and will cause you to go to hell. I want people to see the Truth of God's Word and I pray that instead of you looking at me as being judmental, that you would look into the claims that I and many many others have made against the emergent churches. They are leading their flock astray. As Christians, we want to warn against false teachings.

Jessie said...

So, I registered for MyFishingHole.com. Haha, NO ONE is registered in our area right now :( I contacted someone, but he lives a ways away from us.

How do you go about your home church sessions? I know you're going through each verse, but what else do you do? We're thinking of maybe doing the same and then trying to get other people to come so it isn't just us.

pastorbrianculver said...

here you go Jessie,
We start off with a breakfast. Tim prepares a breakfast for everyone. It is his way of "serving" us (and we let him do it!) Nothing like a plate of bacon and eggs with some toast and a drink. After we finish, we then move to the living room where we see how everyone's week went. We then open the time for prayer request and praises. We pray and then we open our Bibles. And much like the bible study that I have on openthebible we go through the bible, one verse at a time. We dig deep into the Word of God and we discuss it. We take turns reading several passages as cross-references. I will then ask questions to provoke some thoughtful insight into the Word.
We start out the morning at around 8:30, and we finish the day off around 11:15am. I will encourage each person to get out and evangelize. As the weather gets warmer, we will make it where as soon as we finish church, we will as a group go out and do some street witnessing! It's not just about "saying" we should do it, but we will actually be "doing" it! What better way to equip the saints than to actually show them firsthand how to do it?