Friday, November 2, 2007

Rocky and Bullwinkle are busy!

"I believe that a lack of efficient personal work is one of the failures of the Church today. The people of the Church are like squirels in a cage. Lots of activity but accomplishing nothing. it doesn't require a Christian life to sell oyster soup or run a bazaar or a rummage sale..." (Billy Sunday)
While this was true back in Billy Sunday's day, it is just as true today in the contemporary church. With Willow Creek and all of the activities that they have you involved in, it is not truly accomplishing anything at all. We need to get out of the church with our faith. We need to be edified in church and then we need to get out in the street evangelizing the lost. But how will this happen when our churches today do not preach God's Word. They pick and choose which Scriptures they will believe in.
What did Jesus say? "I tell you the truth (not a lie, not a falsehood, not an after-thought, but the TRUTH), anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing (not spending time in classes that benefit no one, but out reaching the lost!). He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father." John 14:12
Like Rocky the flying squirrel, he can play all he wants, but he is not including others in his play. He is using poor Bullwinkle instead of letting him join in on the game. I know this is a stretch, but when you try to play the game of churchianity and you lock yourself in the church, you are excluding the very people who need to hear from you.
The next thing you know, pastor's will come out with their own version of the Bible. It will consist of 10 pages of just their favorite Scriptures. All context, all history, all "herman who?" will be left out.
Stand up Americans! Fight for the Church to return to Biblical teachings. Fight for pastor's who will take a beating for the sake of the gospel by expecting obedience to God's Word. It is shameful to see how our american churches have fallen by the wayside. I thank God for those pastor's who have not diluted the Word of God. I thank God for those pastor's who refuse to follow the lead of Rick Warren and Bill Hybel. I took a poll and half the people felt their churches were preaching repentance, sin, obedience and the Ten Commandments. Half of the churches were NOT doing that. Let's put a challenge to those churches to return to biblical preaching. Stand up for Jesus and do what's right!

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Jessie said...

That is the exact problem with our old church... too many people doing busy work like plays and bowling/golf leagues, etc. Where's the evangelism?! You don't need to be a Christian to sing, or to recite lines, or to play sports! Yet so many churches rely on that to bring people to Christ when they aren't preaching the gospel!

Blasphemy is what I call it.