Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Growing Pains...Popcorn in the face!

Growing Pains -- Oww, those unpopped ones hurt!!
I put this little video on here as a tribute to one of our Way of the Master hosts --Kirk Cameron. Sorry about that Kirk, I couldn't resist the little popcorn tossing between you and your tv sister.
Why did I choose this scene?
When I started out as a Pastor of a local church, I have stated before that I don't think I was truly saved at the time. I lacked the fruit of repentance. I was constantly living in sin. One thing that really hit me was that while I was a pastor, I cannot remember a single time when Satan was really firing those arrows at me (or those unpopped kernals of corn!). I had a pretty easy ride for the most part. You know, it wasn't until I was truly saved and decided that I wanted to do a revival in my home town that Satan really got agitated. It was as if "all popcorn broke loose!" (I watered that down didn't I?). It was as if Satan was not happy that I was finally serving God and doing something that was totally going to glorify God. It was as if, people were going to hear the gospel in a way they had not heard it before and Satan was mad. Not only was he mad, he was mad AT ME!

I have to wonder, we are told that there will be persecution because of our faith. I never experienced it until I was truly saved. Now, everytime I want to do something for God, it is like Satan just keeps firing those darts (or those unpopped popcorn kernals that make you go "OWW") at me. I rejoice in that! I pray that we all learn to withstand his arrows -- because we "can" withstand them, we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

I respect Kirk Cameron for taking a stand for Christ in Hollywood. It is an unpopular stance and without blinking, Kirk decided to do what was right. Too many "christians" (those people who wear a cross or have bumper stickers but fail to be obedient to His Word) will fall away at the first sign of loss (financial, family, jobs, friends, fun times??) Please keep your prayers up for Kirk as he interacts with some of his Hollywood friends. I am sure there are some people out there who would like to take a stand and are scared. Are you scared about what you might lose if you decided to walk with Christ in your daily life? The gain far outweighs the loss. I am sure Satan has shot his arrows at Kirk. Praise God that he did not back down.

So next time you feel Satan is attacking you, just rejoice in the fact that you are walking with Jesus and the world hated Him before it ever hated you. It is God and His Word that they hate. So preach it, teach it, model it, examine it, share it, exposit it, and in all you do, do it heartily as to the Lord! You might feel like you are all alone. You're not!

Repent, be obedient to God's Word, put your faith and trust completely in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.


Timm said...

Thanks for the Growing Pains clip. Can't get enough of that.

I too was not saved when I became a pastor. It still seems weird to say, but I wasn't truly saved until I heard and understood the message on the Way of the Master Radio show. I am eternally grateful to God and to that show for my salvation.

Good stuff.

pastorbrianculver said...

Once I found this clip, I started watching a bunch of other clips of the show. Kind of lost track of time but it was fun. As far as not being saved as a pastor, I too am grateful for WOTM. It kills me to think of how many people I preached to and did not give them the full message. I just pray that someone has given it to them by now, if not, i need to get back in touch with them to make sure they know the Truth!