Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Do "you" disagree?

"I appreciate your interpretation(s), but I must respectfully disagree on the points you present."

The above is a quote from an email I had received from one of the Mormon Leaders (Tom Olson). I sent him an email off of the main LDS website. I told him that I used to be a Mormon and that I remember back in the late 80's a person new the Book of Mormon to be true because they had a "burning in the bosom." I asked him if that is still the requirement that tells people the book is true. He wrote back very proudly and said, "Yes, in fact millions have had that feeling!" I asked him if it were possible for Satan to give that burning feeling in the bosom. I asked him what his thoughts were on Mormo and the definition of it. I asked him about the Temple ceremonies and the obvious Masonic leanings it had. I asked him about being a god of his own planet. I asked him what it would take to go to heaven. I presented God's Law to him. I pleaded with him to read the Bible and to allow the Holy Scripture to come alive for him. But it did not happen. He is blinded by the truth, or should I say, he is blinded from the truth?

It is such a hallow feeling when you try to get people to understand how important it is to follow Christ and to repent of their sins, and they either reject it or just give an answer similar to the one Tom gave.

If you have struggled with this kind of outcome, I want to encourage you to keep trying. Don't spend all of your time on one person trying to get them to see the light. Plant the seed and let God take care of the rest! We will not always see the immediate outcome of our evangelistic endeavors.

"I appreciate your interpretation(s), but I must respectfully disagree on the points you present."

Tom will one day have to face God and his response is not going to get him into heaven.

What excuses have you made for not being obedient to His Word. You see, there are people who are no different than Tom. There are people who profess to be Christians (just as Tom as a Mormon wants to be thought of), there are people sitting in church putting on a happy face about their Christian walk, and yet, when it comes to evangelizing and reaching the lost, they don't even try. When it comes to putting sin away and repenting, they don't even try. They just want to bank on the fact that Jesus died and they don't have to do anything. (yes, we don't have to do anything to merit our way into heaven, it is a gift from God), but as a result of our faith, we should be thankful for what God has done, we should be repentant and do those sins no more, we should be bearing "good" fruit! If you are not showing good fruit, if you are not repenting of your sins, if you are not being obedient to His Holy Word, then what excuse have you made for when you come face to face with God?

No matter what excuse you have, it will sound just as ridiculous as the one Tom will be giving.

"I appreciate your interpretation(s), but I must respectfully disagree on the points you present."

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