Friday, November 16, 2007

Evangelizing is energizing!

It was an interesting day today. I had a chance to witness to a person at work today! It was awesome. He said he grew up in church and his parents were heavily involved in church. I asked him if he could name the Ten Commandments. He was able to name about five of them. I then did the Way of the Master with him (Law to the proud, grace to the humble). By the time I finished with him, he was in tears. He said he had never heard the gospel presented like that before. He had never repented of his sins. He just felt it was okay to believe in Jesus and all was well. He was still living in his sins. When he left, he said he was going to go talk to his parents because he knows that they have some "issues" that they need to change. He wants our prayers, so please keep Bill in your prayers.

In the afternoon, I met with someone at my watering hole, (McDonald's), and we discussed how to witness and how to use the Law in witnessing. We started to use the "intelligence test" with a girl working there but after getting halfway through it she got real busy. In the mean time, I happened to drop a million dollar bill on the floor. As I was leaving a gave the girl "a gift for you" which is a gospel tract. She apologized for not being able to do the rest of the test. She liked the tract. As I was walking out the door, I saw two young teenage boys pick up the million dollar tract and they were reading it.

It's not hard to reach out to people. Just do it! You get such a great feeling when you do it for the Lord. It is not us who do the saving. It is God, so get out there and reach the lost for His Sake.

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