Friday, August 19, 2011

The Sin of Facebook or is it Your sin?

If ur gay, it's a sin. If ur bisexual, ur confused. If ur skinny, ur on drugs. If ur fat, ur a slob. If ur dressed up, ur conceited. If u speak ur mind, ur a bitch. If u don't say anything, u must be miserable. If u cry, ur a drama queen. If u have male friends, ur a whore. If u defend urself, ur a troublemaker. U can't do anything without being criticized. If ur proud of who u are copy and paste this. Love me or hate me, but u will never change me!

And the above comments are seen all over the place on Facebook by people who profess to be Christians. They make comments for the whole world to see and yet they mock the very words of God by the way they live their lives.

You will find pictures posted for the world to see by people who claim to be Christians. And what are they doing in those pictures? They are pictures of girls laying in bed with a guy that is not their husband. Showing them kissing and making comments about how they like to cuddle together. Showing off pictures of their latest tattoo's and talking about their latest experience with prophets at their church. Watch the following clip about one such prophet and you will begin to see how dangerous Facebook can be in bringing other people into a false knowledge of Christ.

Now let's take it a step further.
Many people on Facebook have over 500 friends listed. What does that have to do with anything? Take the start of this post as an example. You have 500 people who are your "friends" and they are all reading what you, a supposed Christian are posting. They are seeing that you, that supposed Christian, are saying it is okay to be gay, or bi, or on drugs, or anything at all. Why? Because all you have to do is be proud of who you are.

The Bible speaks of someone in the Bible that had over 700 wives and concubines. Solomon. The son of David. So what is the danger here? Besides the very obvious, the danger comes from trying to please each one. Solomon tried to please his wives to the point that he fell away from God. He erected tall places in honor of the gods of the women he was married to. He place a one such piece in Moab in honor of their god that they worshipped.

So what we have here on Facebook is the desire to please the friends. It no longer is about standing up for God and His HOLY WORD, no, it is all about saying things that will be popular to the masses. Show pictures of how you love to live in your sin with a man or a woman. Post comments about false prophecies because it makes you look spiritual to the world. Post pictures of a false document that says you are ordained of God by of all places, a universalist site ( for those of you that don't know, a universalist is a person that believes ALL people go to heaven. There is no hell. That means that an atheist, a mormon, an agnostic, a satan worshipper, a witch, call all get ordained to preach whatever they want to preach).

Facebook is also a place where you can see indecent, immoral pictures of people who name the name of Christ. Pictures of skimpy outfits that come within a half inch of showing something that ought not to be seen publicly. Girls kissing each other and promoting homosexual activities. Guys saying don't judge homosexuals, that is God's place. All the while forgetting that we as Christians are told to judge those within the church.

Facebook has become a place where anything goes, anything can be said, anything can be shown, anything can be presented as truth to the whole world. It is a place where the "world" resides. We as christians are not to be of the world, we are to be separated from the world. We still live in the world, but our lifestyle should exemplify Christ living within us. Sadly, too many professing Christians have failed miserably in their quest to live out a godly life for the world to see. Lord have mercy on them that do such abominable things.

From a pastor who took 6 months to speak to a dying lost man about Christ, to the same man who plays soft music behind his preaching so as to create an "effect" of emotions in the service, to the young person who follows all kinds of false teachings and displays them for the world to see, to the person who gets every kind of tattoo because they want to "glorify" God, to the ones who tell vulgar jokes and use vulgar language for the world to see, to the ones who want you to be like the world by embracing the you that is in you, and not the Christ that should be living within you, to the person who openly mocks God with his satanic worship, to the person who is more worried about having 1000 friends on Facebook that they will do and say anything to get them to be their friends. to the person who denies God, to the people who say in church, "This is not the time nor the place for Scripture," to the person who hates people for standing up for Christ, to the person who takes advantage of little girls and yet calls himself a Christian, to the person who cheats on his wife, to the old man sleeping with a young girl, to the people who support gay rights, abortions and still believes it is okay to claim Jesus as their Lord and Savior, to the person who leads a major denomination and will stand up for hypocrisy instead of God's Word, and to all the people who spend more time on Facebook than they do getting into God's Word...

You have been removed from my friends list on Facebook. I am so sick and tired of supposed Christians behaving in a way that does not glorify God. I want to see people truly desiring to please God. It is my desire to see God glorified in all things. I am hated, despised and ridiculed for being a faithful follower of Christ. Praise God because I know they hated Him first, even though they claim to know Jesus. A day will come when He will say to them, Depart from Me you worker of iniquity, I never knew you.

It is one thing to sin. We all do that.
It is quite another thing to sin and post it for the whole world to see.
It is quite another thing to embrace the sin and be proud of it.
It is quite another thing to share your sin with others in hopes of influencing them to follow the same god you do (not the God of the bible).

Which preacher would you rather listen to?
Joel Osteen or Paul Washer?

Now the question is this...
Who do you listen to? Jesus or man? Facebook or the Bible?
Matthew 6:21 For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also

Has Facebook distracted you from what is really important? How many hours a day do you spend on Facebook? How many minutes a day do you spend in God's Word? Anything that takes you away from God is an idol. The sin of Facebook is the fact that it breaks the first and the second commandments!

And when you top it off by promoting things of the devil, you expose yourself for whose you really are. You are either a child of God or a child of the devil.
Everything has its place. But how you use those things will determine where your heart lies. Repent of your Facebook sins and clean up your life and walk in obedience to the One who laid down His life for you. God is not to be mocked and millions of people EVERYDAY mock Him by the way they parade themselves around as Christians all the while, living for the devil.

I pray that God will open your eyes today and that you will live a life pleasing to the Lord of Hosts and King of Kings. Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior and He is also Judge. Who will you face when you die?

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pastorbrianculver said...

and to prove my point, here is another comment that some christians who have non christian friends had posted recently.

a 65 year old priest helps a kid study the bible after Sunday school.. No one knows he raped the kid. A woman is beaten and raped daily. She prays to god to help her, and no one does. A child lays awake in fear from what he feels and who he is, that the bible told him he would go to hell for (gay), who hung him self in the bath room after Sunday school. Re-post this if you are against religion.

People will not remove this person as a friend because it would hurt that person's feelings. What about God's feelings? Christians just don't seem to care about God as much as they do about people here on earth. If you are ashamed of God, He is ashamed of you! How many friends do you have that would post something like this and you would not say a thing to them about it.