Thursday, September 11, 2008

Do the right thing!

Doing the right thing it seems is never easy or is it popular.

I have stood in front of congregations and read Scripture that God lead me to read and I was basically told to never do that again during prayer time.

I have confronted someone who, as a youth leader, was promoting sexually explicit songs on his myspace site. He, in turn, came back against me and said, "You have no right to judge me." "Why do you hate me so much?" "What did I ever do to you?"

I have also removed from my own myspace site a person who claimed to be a Christian and yet was promoting the "F" Word and was also highly sexually themed.

In every case, I was basically told that I shouldn't have said anything. It would have kept the peace. Everyone would have gotten along.

I am getting ready to clock into work. It is 4:30am and it is time for another day and another dollar!

Isn't it sad when fellow "Christians" end up being the least supportive of standing up for the Truth of God's Word?

Isn't it sad when fellow "Christians" will yell out the trump card and say that you are judging others and the Bible says not to judge? (in truth, the bible does say we are to judge with a righteous judgment! and that we are not to judge the world, but we are to judge those who claim to be Christians)

When will Christians finally stand up and do the right thing?
When will Christians finally promote God and His HOLY Word instead of promoting the ways of the World?
When will Christians finally act like they are truly Christians without spewing out the words, "Well, no body is perfect, I am a sinner forgiven by God" and yet, they continue to sin daily the same sin over and over and over with no thought of ever repenting of that sin. They use the words REPENT but they do not actually do it!
When will Christians finally get rid of their worldly ideas?



WayneDawg said...

Ugh.......I deal with this all the time. When I confront 'Christians' who never read their Bible, always taking the Lord's Name in vain, acting just like the rest of the world, I am looked at as if I'm a prude and told to lighten up.

I'll take it one step furthur......A Christian brother and I went with many other Christians into the Atlanta area prisons this past week-end.

After the first day when we all gathered back together to share testimonies and stories, most all the people sharing never once gave God any of the credit for what they were doing......

We heard, 'I got this many people saved', I did this......I did that'.....I was never so disappointed in my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

Where was God in all this I asked? Who is giving God the credit for saving people? Who is praising God for what He did THROUGH you?

I had five folks from our church go with me who had been through the WOTM course.......we all got to use the Law and then share Grace with 100's of prisoners. We did not boast in how many people got saved (because only God can know that), we did not boast in our efforts......we gave all the praise and glory to the One who called us to be obedient and proclaim.

I pray your son is much, much better now!

reformedlawless said...


I hope you are well. You describe a very common problem. The true Christianss will make a stand and the true Christians will give priority to God's word. This will mark the true convert from the false convert. Keep up the good work I visit everyday.

Blessings Bro,


pastorbrianculver said...

one of these days I will get back to visiting all of my favorite blogging sites. I have to first finish our house and then get married on Sept 27th. I am praying that my time will be spent reading all of the insightful thoughts that are out there! I pray you are all doing well! thanks for the comments

Jessie said...

I think the problem is that many "Christians" do not understand the word "judging". It's kind of like the "You took that out of context" remark. It's so incredibly overused! In fact, I was just having this conversation last night because someone said something about judging, not saying I was, but just mentioning it in general.

I said, here is a judgmental comment: "Heath Ledger is in Hell" (Oh, the wonderful Westboro Baptist Church). Why is this judgmental? Because we are assuming that he did not cry out to God before dying. We are trying to put ourselves into the shoes of the Lord and say, "Yep, I KNOW he is in hell."

Another judgmental comment: This is actually a true story. A person stopped coming to church for like 2 months, so a bunch of people automatically assumed she was not walking with God, and that she wasn't saved. They continued to gossip about her, saying she was not a Christian. But what really happened? She started ministering on Sundays to some elderly people in a nursing home. The problem was that no one went directly to her, so they automatically assumed she was not walking with God.

But, and this is the comment I made last night, "I get tired of the word 'judging' because it's so overused and misunderstood. A Christian has the right to judge between right and wrong. It is also my right to say that a Christian does not sing/rap about sex, drugs, and violence (in a supportive way), and they do not flaunt their bodies by wearing next to nothing and dance on stage dancing in a sexual way with random people. It is also my right to understand the Christian radio scene and what each band believes in, and to discern their lyrics, and to make a decision to listen to them based on those things. There is a semi-popular 'Christian' band that is played on the radio that DOES NOT, and outright says they do not, believe in the Trinity, yet they are presented as a 'Christian' band. Am I judging them? NO. I am simply stating a truth in both instances."

Like I said, some people just don't get it. If anything, those people should be thanking you and praising God for you that you lovingly went to them and told them, instead of becoming defensive. Interestingly enough, though this might be bold to say, but a Christian is not someone who gets offensive and violent if another Christian tries to help them in their walk by showing them something they may not have seen as wrong before.

Sorry, I'm rambling, but it's so interesting lately, that EVERY situation that has come up in a conversation with a fellow believer has come up either on WOTM radio or your blog.