Tuesday, March 5, 2013

As President of the USA I could have made a difference!


Prior to the last election, I had written a blog on how I wanted to be your next President of the United States of America.

Well it is time for an update:

2012 will be the year that Brian Culver runs for President! You need a person like me to run this country. Here is why...

10. I tell great jokes
09. I like to take vacations too (each month!)
08. I know how to read teleprompters
07. I was born in America and can prove it. I typed up my own birth certificate!
06. You can find my school records to verify who I am
05. I adopted my son, married my girlfriend, mowed the yard. I have done it all.
04. I am not a lawyer, I am not a lawyer. You can't make me, you can't make me!! (Gilligan)
03. I am not a millionaire so I can relate to most people
02. I still only have about $75 to my name. Where is my pepsi??
01. My name is not OBAMA

Seriously, here is why you should vote for me as a write in candidate for the 2012 election

10. I am saddened to see the direction this country is going
09. I am a Christian and will NOT do anything that contradicts the Word of God
08. I will not cater to the Muslims or any of the other evil sects out there
07. I am a blue collar worker. I know how to get my hands dirty
06. I have lived paycheck to paycheck most of my life
05. This IS and always has been a Christian nation. Just because someone does not like that, does not change the truth.
04. I promise CHANGE, I promise to bring integrity back to the office of President
03. I will see to it that our country is protected at home first and foremost (right to bear arms will always exist in my administration!)
02. I will enforce illegal immigration laws!
01. My name is not OBAMA

And Jesus said, "I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven." Barak means lightening Bama means high places. Did Jesus see Satan as Barack Obama? Let's get him out of the office of president. Elect me! I am a child of God! This nation was founded on the principles of for the people, by the people and of the people (something like that!)

I am not perfect but I could sure use a vacation every month! Elect Brian Culver as a write in candidate for President of the United States of America. It would be my honor to serve you. I am taking campaign donations now in an effort to get some national exposure.

I promise you change!
(buy a pepsi from me and I will give you change back from your dollar!)
Since I am not in office now as your elected President of the United States, please allow me to share with you what you have missed.

1.) Splitting of land of Israel about to happen later this month!  (I am not in favor of this!)
2.) Peace plan to be offered later this month between Israel and Palestine! (this will never work)
3.) Drones can be used against American citizens on american soil with no right to a trial. (I am heavily not in favor of this one!)
4.) USA is purchasing a billion bullets AND wanting to take away our gun rights (I am against this one too)
5.) People can be detained if found to be an enemy of the state, such as christians who stand up for God's Word. (I would never allow this to happen)
6.) USA Money has been sent to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Palestine totalling in the hundreds of millions of dollars! (I would not have given them one cent of american money!)
7.) Microchip about to be forced on people as a result of Obama healthcare plan, pages 1001-1004 (as a Christian I would never force this on people either)
8.) a muslim has been put in charge of our CIA. (how outrageous is this??  I would never have done this to our country!)
9.) for the first time in our history, a Christian pastor did not do the inauguration ceremony AND a Koran was used by our President (I am a Christian and would not do anything to support muslims into a position of power in our country!)
10.)  We have a muslim running our country and a socialist who is tearing down the very fiber of our country. (as a Christian, I would have and still do, put Jesus first in all decision making. Our nation needs to get back to its roots.  Christians need to stand firm in their calling to make their calling and election sure.  We need to be sharing the gospel message to all people)

Dear friends, we are living in the End Times right now.  The return of Jesus is very soon.  Are you ready?  Do you see the signs ahead that are warning you to get right with Jesus?  Today is the Day of Salvation.  Believe in Jesus, repent of your sins and walk with Him today.  If you are already saved, then I urge you to endure to the End!  Finish the race, finish the race, finish the race!  And all will be well with your soul.

May God bless you all today.  Live for Jesus in all you do.

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