Monday, January 7, 2008

Questions that demand an answer -- okay, demand is a harsh word, please respond!! thanks!

This is a very short post but I feel it is necessary to ask these questions. Please take just one minute or so to send me a comment with your answer.
Here they are...
(answer just one question or all of them, it's up to you. But please answer at least one of them)
1. If you are a Mormon, how can you in good conscience, ignore all of the evidence that is presented about Joseph Smith being a prophet of God?

2. If you are a pastor, do you have a problem with preaching against sin and teaching about hell? if so, why?

3. If you attend church, is it more important for you to feel like you are in a "family" church or a church that teaches biblical truths?

4. If you claim to be a Christian, are you still living in sin? You don't have to mention what the sin is, but do you have a sin that you just can't seem to get rid of?

5. If you are an atheist, where do you think you will go when you die? What if you are wrong, what are your thoughts then?

6. If you are an adult, do you feel as though you have grown in your knowledge of the Bible in the past year?

7. How many people have you personally witnessed to since the beginning of 2008?

My future posts this week will address each of these questions so PLEASE respond. I will not need your name or location, just want to get your input.

thank you and God bless


pastorbrianculver said...

2.) As a pastor, I have absolutely no problem preaching about sin and the need for repentance. I have sat in way too many churches that have softened the gospel to the point that you don't know whether to call it a church or a sunday picnic with the family. I have seen people openly (in church) say that it is okay to flip people off because they know God will forgive them! And the pastor of the church does nothing about it. Says nothing about it. Not his problem I guess. I have heard teenagers in church say that homosexuality is alright in God's eyes. that He will forgive them. Yet, the pastor does nothing and says nothing. The sunday school teachers got mad at me because I exposed their faulty beliefs and teachings. As a pastor, it is our job and our duty to preach of sin, judgment and hell. It is then our duty to preach of the need to repent of our sins and to put our faith and trust in Jesus Christ alone.

3.) The last church I attended was a "family" feel church but it lacked the biblical truths and practices. Give me solid biblical preaching anyday. Everything else will take care of itself.

4.) I used to be heavy laden in sin while still professing to be a Christian (and while I was a pastor, no less!) I have since come to realize the need to repent and have done so. It has made all the difference in the world to me. Of course, now Satan attacks me that much more but I count it as joy since he realizes that I am doing more for the furtherance of the kingdom than ever before!

6.) I have grown tremendously this past year and plan to continue growing each and every day! Suggestion is to surround yourself with godly people whom you respect and call on their guidance to help you grow.

7.) so far, I have witnessed to 8 people! Hopefully the warm weather will continue and I can get out much more than I have been. I want to reach at least 2 people a day for the whole year so I am behind (the weather had been very cold until this past weekend -- how was that for an excuse?)

Question of Identity said...

2. As an evangelist it would be folly not to preach about sin - how would anybody know the need to repent?

3. Biblical truth is most important, it will therefore also promote family values and attract family's to church. There is nothing like seeing a whole family come to Christ!

6. I have very much grown in the knowledge of the Bible over the last year and praise God for each new revelation.

7. I have witnessed at least six non Christians this year - though I recognise the need, not only for me as an evangelist to get amongst more non Christians and witness much more, but also the need for all Christians to witness on a daily basis! Time is short - people are dying around us and they are not going to Heaven!

God bless


Timm said...

2. No problem at all. Did it yesterday.

3. I'd like to have both. That's possible right? If I had to choose, however, give me biblical truth every time.

4. Yes, perhaps we have diferent definitions of "living in sin," but I'm certain, contrary to my deepest desires, I'll never shed sin.

6. leaps and bounds.

7. 2, (assuming I can't count the pulpit.) Come on, you guys are making me look bad. Praise God for your better numbers.

pastorbrianculver said...

just a quick note, when mentioning living in sin, I should have said, "are you making provisions for sin in your life?"

Timm said...

In that case, no. No excuses here. Ashamed beyond belief.

speaking_as said...

1.) Not a Mormon.
2.) Not a Pastor, but would preach of sin and hell if I were.
3.) Biblical truths. Church is not supposed to be "fun"
4.) Yes. I wish I could say no, but I still sin.
5.) Not an atheist. But I can answer the question: they will go to HELL.
6.) I do, especially since discovering Way Of The Master a little over a year ago.
7.) None, sadly.

michelle said...

3. I want Biblical truth above anything else
6. I have grown a lot this past year in what I've learned from the Bible.
7. I'm not sure how many people I've witnessed to, I don't keep a count.

S.J. Walker said...

Pastor Brian,

1) I'm not a Mormon. Period

2) I'm not a pastor (yet :))but in my teaching, preaching, these subjects are as much a part of the Truth as Christ. Christ does not mean anything if these are not covered.

3)Biblical Truth. Period.

4)As a man, I struggle daily. But even when I am tempted or even do jump off the path, He grabs me, slaps me, and points me back toward the Gate.

5)I'm not an atheist. Period.

6)I don't if my wife would call me an adult, but I have grown no doubt.

7) Not near enough. Period

Anonymous said...

8. Nowhere. What if I'm wrong? Then I'll be with everyone else who calibrated their "faith" against the wrong measure by eating the "wrong" food, saying the "wrong" words, pointing in the "wrong" direction, standing at the "wrong" time, sitting at the "wrong" place, wearing the "wrong" head covering, wearing no head covering, pursuing faith without works, doing works without faith, etc.

Or does "close enough" count?

Now, what if you're wrong?

S.J. Walker said...



Four Pointer said...

1) Not a Mormon, but have had several opportuinites toshow them the truth

2) I have no problem preaching on sin, Hell, repentance, etc. If we are not sinners then Jesus died in vain.

3) It should be a Biblically sound church that fosters a family atmosphere (in that they welcome new families warmly.)

4) I do not live in sin, nor make provision fo it. There was a time, however, I did walk smack-dab into it for a time which I still nourn for to this day.

5) Not an atheist. Despite all their flowery rhetoric, they will face the same judgment as all those who deny God.

6) Immensely!

7) I have been corresponding with a Mormon gentleman over the past week, sharing the truth with him.

Anonymous said...

To S.J. Walker,

In other words, you (they) can't all be right, so most of them are wrong in the way they practice their faith (given the wide variety of ways to practice Christian faith as well as every other monotheistic, multi-theistic, pasta-theistic, no-theistic faiths there are in the world).

If there is a Hell, then I expect that the folks with whom I will share that place will consist of everyone else so wrapped up in their dogma that they completely missed the point, which is to treat each other as we wish to be treated ourselves.

Unless (and this is the point of my last question), "close counts". In other words, does God consider our intentions and not our ability to adhere to a given dogma? If there is a Hell, then its my idea that God reserves it for the few of God's creation that truly deserve it (including people who are certain they know who is going to Hell; you see, I think God would have a great sense of humor and irony).

Hope that clears up the confusion. I'll check back in a week or so to make sure.


Anonymous said...

2. Not a pastor, but I don't believe in hell or eternal torment. In my view, the idea of eternal torment is an absurd, illogical, non-biblical doctrine.

pastorbrianculver said...

Hell is very real. Whether you believe in it or not, does not change reality. The Bible gives over 160 references to Hell in the New Testament alone. And Jesus speaks of it over 70 times! If I step out into the street and stand in front of an oncoming truck, I can say I don't believe in that truck, but it will still hit me just the same. My unbelief did not change reality. This is one of the most serious mistakes a person can make. Hell is very biblical and it makes perfect sense. God, who created all things in the beginning has provided a way for us to be saved. It is through faith and trust in His Son who died on the cross for our sins. We are all guilty of breaking God's Laws and are all destined for hell. no one can say they do not deserve to go to hell. We have all fallen short of the glory of God. But because of what Jesus did on the cross, we do not have to go to hell. I have to wonder, do you believe in God?

pastorbrianculver said...

David from Sandy, UT said,
"I believe in God, but that does not require me to believe that God condemns the majority of his creatures to an eternity of unspeakable torture. I see no support for eternal torment in the Bible. In fact, quite the opposite. And from a logical perspective, it is one of the most absurd doctrines ever invented."

Of course, Mormon doctrine says that all go to heaven, just different levels of heaven. It is a dangerous situation you are treading when you deny the existence of Hell. Scripture which is found in the Holy Bible confirms hell exists!!