Thursday, January 3, 2008

Next Generation of Preachers in America?

Can anyone say, T.D. Jakes??

Annointed or just reading a script??

Did you see the preacher's kid on the right?

So, we see the next generation of kids.
1. Any different from your generation?
2. Of the first two boys, which one do you think "might" have a chance to be a good "effective" preacher, if either?
3. Does the little boy in the last video look like a familiar scene in most churches?
4. Do you think that televangelist have an influence on the next generation of preachers?
5. Would you be comfortable having a child preaching at your church to the adults?
6. What was your first reaction when you saw these kids preaching?
7. Who do you envision the future preachers to be like? T.D. Jakes? Joel Osteen, Rick Warren or Bill Hybels? Tony Jones?
8. Or do you think they will be more in line with John MacArthur? What will it take to get more of this type of preaching compared to the other types?
9. With the lack of consistent quality preaching now, how can we expect children to know right from wrong if we don't tell them?
10. You don't have to answer all questions. hey, you don't have to answer any of them. I just came across these video's and there was something about them that I felt compelled to show them here.

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