Monday, November 26, 2012

The Sin 0f Facebook -- revisited!

 The Sin of Facebook!

The above link is to a post I did a while back.  I wanted to update it somewhat now.  The more I see people on Facebook, the more I am appalled at so called Christians.  In the past week I have seen so called Christians wearing next to nothing in string bikini's, using language such as the "n" word and even worse than that, they have used the GD word (the only difference is they took out the "D" from God and replaced it with a "T").

So many people are deceived into thinking they are saved.  They post on facebook for the whole world to see that they truly do not believe or even fear the Lord our God. 

How about you?  Would you be ashamed if your pastor saw some of the things you post on facebook?  Would you be ashamed if you knew that Jesus does see everything you post?  Because He does see it all.  He knows your heart and the intent of your heart.  If it does not glorify God then you need to check yourself at the door.  Are you truly saved?  or do you just want the world to "think" you are saved to satisfy your own hunger to be like them in word and deed?

We are living in the End Times right now and so many self professing Christians feel like it is okay to be just like the world.  They truly do not believe in God.  They profess that they do but their actions prove otherwise!

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