Sunday, September 9, 2012

Have I Become Your Enemy?

click on each video to hear my sermon.  I pray you enjoy it and it lifts you up.  May you be edified by God's Word!


Anonymous said...

Was looking forward to see you preaching in your church, Brian. Don't really like watching head and shoulder monologues - they seem to be created more for the needs of the person doing the talking than any real interest in a wider audience - in other words, the person speakings seems to like the sound of his/her voice.

Show us some clips of your church and how to do 'Christianity' right!

pastorbrianculver said...

that is pretty sad sir, to think that doing "Christianity" involves being in a church building. That is so far removed from being a biblical concept. There is not self uplifting going on here. It is a true desire to see the lost come to Christ. I pray you get right with God!

Anonymous said...

Hi Brian,

This is my first time posting on this blog. I too am a born-again Christian, and like what you have to share. You seem like a nice person. :)

I have a question. I believe the Bible teaches that women should not be pastors, elders, deacons, etc. in the church. A few years ago, my former best friend and I had a falling-out (a lot of it was my fault, which I deeply regret) and she betrayed me, and her whole family rejected me. I am still working on forgiving her and her family.

Anyway, my former best friend's mom is an elder in their church, and their church has a woman co-pastor. I know that I don't always have the right attitude, but sometimes I wish God would show them that they were wrong too, and give me justice. I guess my question is, since their church allows women elders and pastors, will that eventually be their downfall?

I have been praying for my enemies like the Bible commands, but is it wrong to want justice to be done, also?

pastorbrianculver said...

Hi SmileyGrl752,

You are correct in that women should not be pastor's or hold position of authority over men in the church. Those who do not agree, tend to dismiss this part of Scripture as being nothing more than Paul's opinion. Unfortunately, they are in no position to determine what is opinion and what is truly of God. For those of us who believe the Bible to be without error and is God-breathed, we have no problem believing that what Paul says is of God.

As far as the question you asked about the downfall of the church.

My response is Yes and No.
Yes, because they are going against God's Word and the moment they do that and continue in it, they are no longer of Church of God, but they have become a building that is calling itself the Church.

No, because the term downfall can be used in two ways. To God, it is most definitely their downfall. But according to the world's standards, it will not fall, but actually most likely grow. That in no way means that it is blessed by God. All that means is that the devil has his way with the pastor and the members of that building that is calling itself the church.

There is nothing wrong with wanting justice to be done. But here is a bigger question/statement. When Abel died, his blood cried out for vengeance. That was the Old Testament. When Jesus died, His blood cried out forgiveness and grace. I think what you are wanting to see if justice that "you" can witness. But I think you know that nothing will get past God's eye's. He knows what they are doing. Vengeance is mine, I will repay, saith the Lord!

Leave it up to God to take care of the details. He requires of you to be loving even to your enemies. He wants you to be forgiving to those who harm you. Just remember that those people are spiritually discerned, they are blind to the truth of God's Word. Rest comfortably in the fact that God has opened your eyes. He can do the same for them.

Don't worry, I want to see justice done too with these churches that are teaching false doctrine. I hate it with a passion. But I know that my job is to warn people, it is up to them what they decide to do with that warning.

Thank you for commenting, I pray you have a blessed day!