Sunday, March 25, 2012

when is it time to change churches? read more!


Part 1 – The Pastor
The Entertainer
The Story Teller
The Comedian
The Crier
The Spiritually Undiscerned
The Accepter of all that is False
The Neo-Evangelist
The Lazy Pastor
The Woman

Part 2 – The Teachings
The Purpose of the Church
The Teachings that don’t match the Belief
The False Teacher
The Scripture Twisting
The Idolatry Teachings
The “No need to repent” Teachings
The “I’m scared to teach on tithing” Teachings
The “Church Discipline will Offend People” Teachings

Part 3 – The Church
The Downfall of Many Churches – Board Members
The Purpose of the Church
The Vision of the Church
The Church Committee’s
The Pastor Search Committee
The One Service per Week Church
The Dying Church
The “Me” Church
The “Send in your money” Church
The Satellite Church
The “Youth are put on Hiatus” Church
The Overall Obedience of the Members of the Church

Part 4 – The Decision
The “I’ve Lost Faith in my Pastor” Considerations
The Question – Is it time to change churches?
The Checklist
The Search for a new church
The Desire to change the church I am in
The Blog – Time 2 Change Churches
The Final Word

As this book is finished, I will continue to post more from the book. I have already finished the first 4 chapters and plan to finish the next 5 chapters in the coming week. I am seeking a finish to the book by the middle of April. The notes are in place and it is flowing very well. I am looking forward to getting this book published. Please keep this book in your prayers.

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