Sunday, October 24, 2010

More on Robert Schuller bankrupt church...

I received another email from a faithful member of Schuller's church. While he did not address a single point of the false teachings I posted in the other post, he went on to say some pretty wild things. Read below to see his comments. My comments will be added along side his.

I read your rantings and your take on things but you completely missed the point. Just because "you" don't agree with what the Chrystal Cathedral does for many millions of people, doesn't mean it's wrong. It's "YOUR" take on it and one that I am sure many may believe in, but that's for them to decide. There is more to life than taking what the Bible reads and making it fit what you feel is proper and right for all people.
I missed the point? I exposed his false teachings and all you can do is say "I" missed the point because you think it is my opinion. Scripture does not lie (unless you don't believe in God's Word as being true!) Taking what the Bible says by using proper use of Scripture (i.e. cross referencing, historical data, etc). Schuller is the one who takes a line of Scripture and twists it to fit his self-esteem garbage.

I have been a Southern Baptist all my life and for the past five years a member of a Non-doniminations church which has a different take on what the Bible says. One I sat still and listened while in the other I raised my hands and praised the Lord during the service. Was I wrong on one and right on the other, or was I more a part of one and less of another.
Guess I am confused. You say here you have been a Southern Baptist all your life and yet in the next paragraph you make it seem like you have been a member of Schullers church for the past 35 years. What you should do is be concerned that two churches have different "takes" on what the bible says. Do you have discernment on knowing how to tell if a church is biblical or not? It is not about the use of hands but about the teaching taking place. Is it biblical or is it filled with heresy?

You can listen, read, talk, point out, complain, yell or whatever a person wishes to do "but" what it in their heart and how the handle themselves in daily life is what counts.
Is there fruit?

I said one time at church, "If I walked out of here today with Bible in hand, dressed for church, praising the Lord and people seeing me here on Sunday, they would pretty much know that I am a Christian or that I claim to me. "BUT" on Monday or other days of the week, without the Bible in hand and no where near the church, do they "still" see me as a Christian through my actions? That's where is counts to me. How I act, how I treat others, etc.
It is not just how you act and treat others. There are many non-christians who are really nice people and treat people in very loving manner, and yet, they are headed for hell.

Roberts Schuller has "never" asked me one time in 35 years to "Let this be the only church you go to"... in fact over the years he has stated to people "Find a home church, I can't walk over a cemetery or hold your hand when you need comfort"..... He has always asked people to have a home church and use the "Hour of Power" for extra comfort and learning.
Of course, he never fails to ask people for their money too!

He has given me more to go on with my daily life than any one person that I know of. How to love the Lord "AND" other people by building them UP and making the know they are "SOMEBODY" and never a "JUST".
Not sure what you mean by never a just. When a person is truly saved they will never never need someone to tell them how to love the Lord and other people.

Just the other night I was headed home after a vacation and we stopped at a place for something "on the run" and there was a young man that was scrubbing the floor. Because of Robert Schuller and how he has treated people I said to this young man "wow, you really have this floor clean" "looks like a hospital floor it's so clean". Now, maybe to you that was silly, but to me and maybe to HIM he realized that he is not "JUST" someone that mops the floor but the "BEST" at what he was doing and does until he finds a job that will propel him to a better income in life.
Really? Because of Robert Schuller you said something nice to someone? Really? Not because Jesus is God, but because Robert Schuller taught you to be nice to someone? WOW? Maybe his income is where he wants it to be. Do you really think that just because he mops floors, that he is a loser who is not happy with his pay? To Schuller, it is about money. But to God, what does it profit a man to gain the whole world but lose his soul?

If you need a lesson on this, try taking your Bible (only) and walk up to anyone you wish and start telling them how they are living in sin, how bad they are, how you are correct and they are wrong and how you know the way to Heaven and they do not. Watch how the accept you for a few seconds and tell you to please move one.
A couple of summers ago, I spoke with over 300 individual people, with Bible in my hand and we spoke about sin, how sinful they are and how they need a Savior. I only had one person act offended. Everyone else was very thankful that I spoke to them. If you do not get them to a point of recognizing their sinfulness, you will create false believers and they will be headed to hell because of not mentioning it to them. Or don't you realize that without repentance of sin there is no salvation?

Now, take that same Bible and put it in Robert Schullers hand and let him tell them their "worth" to God and their "good place" on earth and how they are "SOMEBODY" and then see if they won't listen to him and want to know 'where does this man get this good feeling for life, God, people and share it with me and make me want what he has as well."
Putting the same bible in Schuller's hand will not help a person because he will refuse to share the "whole" gospel with people. He only wants people to feel good. Jesus did not do that. He told them what they needed to hear.

You are a prime example of the type of person that is counter productive to what people need. God is Good....and man should be as well when it come to being a representative of his word.
Would you consider yourself to be good? Seriously, do you consider yourself to be a good person? I highly doubt it!

Learn some of these little sayings and use them and you will be much more intune with life. I got them all from Robert Schuller over the years. They work and I use them all the time. "Inch By Inch, Anythings A Cinch", The Me I See, Is The Me I will Be", If you can dream it, you can be it" "For anything you like to do that is both moral and legal, there is someone out there getting paid to do it" "I AM SOMEBODY", "God loves you and so do I". "If It's Going To Be It's Up To Me" and they go on and on........
WOW, if only Robert Schuller would spend more time teaching God's Word than coming up with silly sayings. Amazing!
1. Inch by inch, anythings a cinch.
I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me!
2. The Me is see, is the me I will be.
Man is depraved sinner. If you don't see yourself as depraved and as a sinner, you will never come to a point of salvation.
3. If you can dream it, you can be it.
IF it is the Lord's will. Just because you say or dream something does not mean that it will happen. Or do you think your words are more powerful than the Word of God? Do you think that God is obligated to do for you something just because you spoke or dreamt the words?
4. For anything you like to do that is both moral and legal, there is someone out there getting paid to do it.
Good for you, the only problem is that we are all somebody and someone's. You are either a child of God or a child of the Devil.
6. God loves you and so do I.
Really? Do you know that there is a literal place called Hell? God's wrath is going to be poured out on the unbelievers.
7. If it's going to be up to me...
I would hate to think what Schuller is trying to teach with that one!

When Jesus began his ministry the first words he spoke were, Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. In the Book of Revelation, what did He tell the 7 Churches? Repent or else...! read the Book of Amos and see what God tells them. Repent or else!!!! In Schullers version of being a Christian, it is okay to be a homosexual, a blasphemer, a murderer because to him they will all go to heaven. Just so long as you end up being a good person, you will go to heaven. Read 1 Corinthians 6:9-10. Even being a liar will He cast you into the lake of fire! Do you understand what it takes to be saved? Do you truly understand? In your own words or in Schullers words, how can a person be saved?

I hope you have a nice day and btw.. you must REALLY dislike Joel Osteen that smiles and makes people feel good in his ministry as well? He's happy as are the Schullers and those that love them! God Loves You and I am trying!!
First off, Joel Osteen is not a godly pastor. He is a feel good guru. He does not even know Scripture and he admits it. He gets a lot of money to make people feel good about themselves. He and Schuller are alot a like. Do you realize that the bible speaks about men like them? Galatians 1:8-9. Preaching a different gospel is very dangerous and they will be accursed. Read 2 Timothy 4:3 about people wanting to have their ears tickled by feel good messages! The bible says people will turn away from the truth. You and thousands of others have done that. You have followed after man instead of God. You have placed your trust in a man who has given you "sound bites" to remember instead of God's Holy Word. You have only learned about grace without truly understanding just how great His grace really is. You have not learned about our sinful nature. You must tell people both sides of the story not just about grace.

I would love to sit down at a table with you and lovingly share with you the gospel the way it should be shared. You would walk away with knowledge but with a humbleness towards God. My prayers are with you sir.


Meg said...

Good job dad! I have learned not to question you, for you are correct. This guy needs prayin fer.

pastorbrianculver said...

it is not just a matter of not questioning me, I am nothing in the grand scheme of things. The problem comes when people question (or ignore) what God's Word says. They have a much higher Counsel that they will have to answer to! You are right, he does need praying for!