Sunday, August 22, 2010

A story of a "church" that fails...

When the church fails to be a true church...
You will find many of the members almost resembling those in this picture.

they put on a happy face around you but inwardly, they are ravenous wolves. You can see the fakeness of what they are trying to present to you. You can feel the evil presence that lies within them.

When the church becomes a part of the world...

You have a church that has failed!

Let me describe a scenario to you.
There is a church (no name mentioned, it could be any church!)
And this church was in need of a new pastor, or should I say they created a need for a new pastor. One of the members remained friends with a previous pastor of this church. The pastor had been out of work for a year. So in order for him to get work the following had to happen.

The current pastor had to be fired or let go in some manner.
The unemployed pastor had to be brought in to "audition" for the opening.
The pastor had to be voted in by the congregation by an overwhelming majority.

So here we go...
In the early fall of last year, the unemployed pastor was contacted by a member of this church that there was going to be an opening and that "he" was going to be the new pastor!
It was decided that the current pastor was making too much money so his salary was going to be cut in half and his insurance was taken away from him.
So, the pastor is now gone.
in comes the new pastor...
Now the normal process is that when there is an opening, it goes through the state office of the denomination and a listing is created that lets everyone know there is an opening at this church. This was not done.
The board members kept telling people in the church that they had only one candidate that had applied for the open position. Of course it was the one pastor that was contacted by the church member. The board continually kept telling the people that this must be from God because no one else applied.
So the unemployed pastor comes in to "audition."

His sermon in the morning was all about himself. It was all about him!
When he did talk about God here is what he said.

There was an elderly lady in his previous church that had a husband that was dying in the nursing home and he did not know the Lord. This unemployed pastor took 6 months before he finally spoke to this dying man about Jesus. How pathetic is that? Six months to talk to someone about Jesus and especially to a dying man!

When it came time for the vote, the board members made sure that many people who never attend church, many people from out of state put in their votes to make sure he got elected. It was brought up that the reason there were no other candidates was because the state did not post the opening. denials ran rampant in the church by the board. Scripture was read and the person was told to sit down because, now get this, this was not the place or the time for scripture to be read!

When it came time to vote, it was mentioned that it would have been nice to have him come back so the people could see if he really would preach biblically. The man who contacted him in the first place said no one was ever allowed to come back a second time, this church just did not do that.

The vote came and he lost! Not only was a new search not made, he was invited back. He was shoved down the throats of the congregation by the board. Talk about not allowing God to lead a church!

The state was mad that this man lost. They did everything they could to hide the dishonest approach that was used. The pastor came in and preached that God called him to this position without mentioning that it was actually a man from the church. Deceit at the highest level in this church! Anger and revenge was the theme of this church towards all who voted against this man.

This story could go on for several more pages! Do you get an idea of how lost this church is? there are many churches in this country in need of prayers. They follow a man and not God.

Many children and youth will follow a man if they see the adults doing it. Where is the example of being like Christ? If you are in a church that acts like this. GET OUT! Find a biblical church. God's Wrath will come down on these false churches! Tell me about the good and the bad churches you have seen.

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