Saturday, June 7, 2008

Graduation Day

Today is Graduation Day at the local college here in town.
Students are all decked out in their black robes and the proud parents are all seated. The choir is warming up by singing the "scale" and the sun is shining brightly!

Except for the heat and the humidity, it is a perfect day for a graduation celebration outdoors!

My prayers go out to each person that is here today.
For the parents who fought long and hard to prepare their kids for the real world.
For the teachers who fought long and hard to prepare their students for the real world.
For the tutor's who fought long and hard to help prepare people for their tests.
And for the students themselves, who fought long and hard to finally get to this point in their life!

I can still remember my graduation ceremony when I finished kindergarten. We sang the song, "God bless America"
Those words still ring within my ears. I was standing next to a little girl and when we got to the words, "Stand beside her, and guide her, through the night from the light from above..." I can remember thinking as I held her hand that I was to guide her and to stand beside her. As I look back, I cannot remember much else that happened. I remember it was a big deal at the time.

I remember graduating from high school. Everyone was so proud of me. I was proud of myself. I had finished twelve years of school. I was a MAN! I was an ADULT!! I felt so big compared to all of those school "children!" As I look back, graduating from high school was not a high point in my life.

I remember graduating from college. This time it was really special. I was the only one from my family who ever went to college and graduated!

Those days are behind me. As the students of today look to their past, they will realize that it is just one small step in the journey called life. The real adventure begins the day after the ceremonies. That is the day you get yourself up and you motivate yourself to get into the world!

I want to challenge all graduates! Go INTO all the world.
Don't just blend in with the world but change the world. Preach the gospel of Jesus Christ!
It takes a boldness that most students have never experienced in college. It takes a belief that God is who He says HE is! It takes an attitude of obedience to His Word. How many adults do you know who still have not figured out that obedience is a necessary part of salvation?

If you want to believe that it is okay to NOT be obedient to God's Word...
then why bother calling yourself a Christian? Do you think you can ride on the coattails of someone else?

It can be exciting and fearful to face a new world. The rewards are there for the taking. But you have to get up out of your seat and DO SOMETHING! Why not spend your time doing something that has ETERNAL rewards?

Congratulations to all of the graduates! Your life is just beginning. Time will fly by so very fast. Don't waste your precious time on earth by chasing after the ideals of the world.

Jesus is Lord and Savior! Praise HIS precious Name!

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