Thursday, April 10, 2008

Transformed is a week away in St. Louis!

The above link will give you the vital information that you will need to attend this free event in St. Louis on April 19th!

If you want to listen to good biblical talk radio then go to:

If you want to learn how to evangelize biblically, go to:

Interested in graduating from the School of Biblical Evangelism? go to:
Curriculum Overview: These are the topics covered in the lessons . . .
• The Key to Biblical Evangelism• Using the Law in Witnessing• The Necessity of Repentance• True and False Conversion• Judgment Day and Hell• Using Gospel Tracts• Open-air Preaching• Understanding the Enemy• The Deity of Christ• Proving the Bible's Supernatural Origin
• "Contradictions" in the Bible• Scientific Facts in the Bible• Refuting Evolution• Atheism• Relativism• Understanding Other Religions - Islam, Hinduism, Mormonism, etc• Witnessing to Those Cults• Maintaining Zeal• Raising Laborers in Your Church

If you'd like more detail, see below...
Lesson 1
The Forgotten Key to Biblical Evangelism
Lesson 2
Making Grace Amazing
Lesson 3
The Problem with the Modern Gospel
Lesson 4
How to Confront Sinners
Lesson 5
The Ten Commandments Part 1
Lesson 6
The Ten Commandments Part 2
Lesson 7
The Ten Commandments Part 3
Lesson 8
The Ten Commandments Part 4
Lesson 9
The Ten Commandments Part 5
Lesson 10
The Ten Commandments Part 6
Lesson 11
The Ten Commandments Part 7
Lesson 12
The Ten Commandments Part 8
Lesson 13
The Ten Commandments Part 9
Lesson 14
The Ten Commandments Part 10
Lesson 15
Our Ally: The Conscience
Lesson 16
The Necessity of Repentance
Lesson 17
Personal Witnessing: How Jesus Did It
Lesson 18
The Sinner's Prayer
Lesson 19
True and False Conversion
Lesson 20
Lesson 21
The Certainty of Judgment
Lesson 22
Judgment Day
Lesson 23
The Reality of Hell
Lesson 24
Man's Sinful Condition
Lesson 25
Our Primary Task
Lesson 26
Fear of Man
Lesson 27
The Empowering of the Holy Spirit
Lesson 28
How to Capture the World's Attention
Lesson 29
Gospel Tracts Part 1
Lesson 30
Gospel Tracts Part 2
Lesson 31
Personal Testimony
Lesson 32
Creative Ways to Share Your Faith
How to Witness to Hurting People
Lesson 34
Open Air Preaching Part 1
Lesson 35
Open Air Preaching Part 2
Lesson 36
Open Air Preaching Part 3
Lesson 37
Faith Part 1
Lesson 38
Faith Part 2
Lesson 39
The Enemy Part 1
Lesson 40
The Enemy Part 2
Lesson 41
The Enemy Part 3
Lesson 42
The Enemy Part 4
Lesson 43
Lesson 44
The Survivor's Guide
Lesson 45
Lesson 46
Water Baptism Part 1
Lesson 47
Water Baptism Part 2
Lesson 48
The Trinity
Lesson 49
The Deity of Christ
Lesson 50
The Holy Spirit
Lesson 51
The Resurrection
Lesson 52
The Bible Part 1
Lesson 53
The Bible Part 2
Lesson 54
The Bible Part 3
Lesson 55
The Bible Part 4
Lesson 56
Contradictions in the Bible
Lesson 57
Lesson 58
Messianic Prophecies Part 1
Lesson 59
Messianic Prophecies Part 2
Lesson 60
Non-Messianic Prophecies
Lesson 61
Scientific Facts in the Bible Part 1
Lesson 62
Scientific Facts in the Bible Part 2
Lesson 63
Scientific Facts in the Bible Part 3
Lesson 64
Evolution Part 1
Lesson 65
Evolution Part 2
Lesson 66
Evolution Part 3
Lesson 67
Evolution Part 4
Lesson 68
Evolution Part 5
Lesson 69
Lesson 70
How to Prove the Existence of God
Lesson 71
Atheist Obstacles
Lesson 72
Atheists' Questions Part 1
Lesson 73
Atheists' Questions Part 2
Lesson 74
Relativism Part 1
Lesson 75
Relativism Part 2
Lesson 76
Lesson 77
Islam Part 1
Lesson 78
Islam Part 2
Lesson 79
Lesson 80
Buddhism Part 1
Lesson 81
Buddhism Part 2
Lesson 82
What Makes a Group Non-Christian?
Lesson 83
Lesson 84
Mormonism Part 1
Lesson 85
Mormonism Part 2
Lesson 86
Jehovah's WitnessesPart 1
Lesson 87
Jehovah's WitnessesPart 2
Lesson 88
Lesson 89
Oneness Pentecostals
Lesson 90
International Church of Christ
Lesson 91
Seventh-Day Adventists
Lesson 92
New Age Movement
Lesson 93
The Will of God
Lesson 94
Our Most Valuable Commodity
Lesson 95
Consolation for the Average Christian
Lesson 96
When You've Been Wronged
Lesson 97
The Source of Revival
Lesson 98
Hindrances to Revival
Lesson 99
How to Maintain Zeal
Lesson 100
Ten Ways to Raise Laborers in Your Church
Lesson 101
The Christian's Prayer

If you want to visit a church site that is very biblical in its teachings, go to:

for a free bible study go to my other site

sermons are posted on both of my site!


stella said...

im so jealous that you get to go! :*(
but hey, im 3 lessons away from graduating from the school...yeah! :) ill finished it by next week.

pastorbrianculver said...

isn't this class a great way to equip the saints? too bad our churches don't do as good of a job of equipping the saints as this course does. I will be posting on my blog how the transformed event goes! I hope to get some pictures to post. We are pretty excited about this opportunity!

reformedlawless said...


Awesome! Like Stella I am also a bit jealous. You, Tim and the families be safe.



Tim Brown said...

I'm looking forward to it. Too bad jessie can't make it.