Tuesday, April 15, 2008

DNA vs Mormonism and a Mormon attacks God's Word in open air

This is a long (49 minutes) video but it is very informational.
This next video is one showing two mormon elders confronting someone who is open air preaching (sounds very much like the response from some "christians" who argue against open air preaching!

Isn't it sad that so-called christians can argue so staunchly against God's Word being preached. God's Word is offensive to unbelievers who want to live their carnality in freedom! But unless His Word is preached, there will not be any repentance. His Word will not return void!

Continue to be faithful in preaching His Word in season and out of season.
Preach repentance like we are commanded to do.
Repent and put your trust and faith in Jesus Christ alone for your salvation!

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