Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Firefighter

The Firefighter Part 1

The Firefighter Part 2

The Firefighter Part 3

Biblical evangelism is what we do! Not just here on the blog. This is just a small part of the evangelism that I do. Do you have any fear in talking to people about God? It's natural to be nervous. With proper training, you can do it. I used to be a very shy kid in school. I would never talk in class except to say something to make the other kids laugh. Even in college, I was shy and never talked to anyone. It wasn't until I was an adult and went back to college later on, it was at that time that I was comfortable talking to people. I could see myself in the teenagers that were coming into college right out of high school. As you gain some life experiences, you are able to share your life with others and you also realize that there is nothing to fear in talking to people. They are just like you. A sinner in need of a Savior!

Give it a try, you will be blessed for your efforts!

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pastorbrianculver said...

That third part is hard to watch...
when the girl starts to break down because of her friend dying. I wonder how many of us have missed opportunities to reach our family, friends and neighbors. As long as they are living, it is never too late to talk to them. Problem is, we don't know when they are going to die.