Wednesday, August 19, 2009

11% of youth still in church after college??

If the above number is correct, it is quite an alarming percentage. A research group has done some polling and have determined the percent of youth still in church after college is only 11%. If the truth were known, the number probably does not deviate much from the true believers who sit in church today. In a world where everyone wants to be entertained and fed feel good stories of personal lives touched by Jesus, it is no wonder that the church is faltering in its duties politically, socially, morally and obviously spiritually.

Many youth have already "checked out" of church even though they attend church, attend sunday school and attend youth group meetings.

What can be done to change this alarming trend?

The main thing is to preach the Word to them!
Teach the Word to them!
Live the Word to them!
Correct them in line with the Word!

Let's put an end to all of the entertainment going on in churches.
Want to make it fun for them?

At what cost are you prepared to do that?

Monday, August 3, 2009

Skit by our youth group!

As youth leaders in our church we believe wholeheartedly that the youth need to be taught the truth. We never back down from actually teaching the Bible to them. This youth group has gone from being a large group of 40+ kids, down to low teens in numbers. The large group with the former youth leader did a lot of playing and not much learning of the Bible. We have changed the culture to one of biblical integrity. We might have fewer in numbers but the kids are more spiritually mature and have grown leaps and bounds over where they used to be. Praise God! Keep us in your prayers to continue doing the Lord's work!

Is Obama who he says he is?

Check this out! I found this over at

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God bless you all, it has been a long time since I have been on here posting. I hope to get back into the groove on a daily basis again. Thank you all for your prayers over the past several months!