Friday, September 7, 2012

Let's put the blame somewhere else...

Winchester Congregational Christian Church (WCCC), in Winchester IN, is adding a new full time position – Young Adult / Worship pastor. WCCC is a growing, conservative, evangelical, Bible believing church in rural east central Indiana . We are passionate about reaching lost souls for Jesus Christ. We believe the Lord is calling us to focus on reaching the young adult generation (college age - early 30s - “Millenniums”) that is falling away from the church in droves.

Do you see a problem here?
Read this ad by this church again.  They say "We are passionate about reaching lost souls for Jesus Christ."

On the surface that sounds all good and well.  A body of believers should be passionate about reaching lost souls for Jesus Christ.  It's what a church should do.  I guess the part that seems to rub me the wrong way is what follows.  We believe the Lord is calling us to focus on reaching the young adult generation that is falling away from the church in droves.

Here comes the question. Why are they falling away in droves.  Is God's Word not being properly taught in this church?  Is this church another product of the entertainment church that caters to the wants and needs of the people?  When a church compromises God's Word in order to appease the lost person, it will cause true Christians to leave (just ask Willow Creek Church in Chicago about this one).

Since when does God say that the church should focus on a particular age group to share the gospel to?  Which begs the question...

"We believe the Lord is calling us to focus on reaching the young adult generation..."

Is it the Lord calling them to focus on this age group or is it the desire to see the church grow in numbers? Especially the age group that would have young families, with children which would make all areas of the church to grow?

For a church that says they are passionate about reaching the lost, if that passion were true, the whole congregation would be out reaching the lost for Jesus.  People would not be leaving in droves but would be coming to the Lord.  Church is for the body of believers, not for the unchurched.

Where does the blame lie for people leaving the church?


Anonymous said...

Brian, you are SO right here. Well done - I wish I had your perspicacity and ability to judge and convict anyone and everyone.

How much time do you spend picking at the specs in your brothers' eyes?

I hope there is nothing in your own that prevents you from seeing what you need to see?

pastorbrianculver said...

Please don't misunderstand the difference between exposing and convicting. Only God can and will convict people of their sins. By reading the bible we CAN have discernment as to what God says about church. Show me an instance in the bible where God says to a body of believers that they are only to reach out to one age group of people. You can't. Why? Because He has never done that. Church is for the BODY OF BELIEVERS. When a church desires to chase after a missing element in their church, they are not truly fulfilling the Great Commission. Go into ALL the world preaching the gospel to EVERY creature...

It is amazing when I see churches that have fallen away from being biblical. Churches in florida (Episcopal and Catholic) have started shortening their services down to just 30 minutes. They say that people have busy lives and they need to make the services shorter to please the people and to still have them come in. You won't like this but here it goes...

those churches need to stop playing church and just go ahead and close their doors for good! They know not God!

Again, we are called to expose false teachings. THAT IS BIBLICAL. We are called to do that. If someone is not in line with God's Word then it must be exposed.

My blog is titled Time2ChangeChurches for a reason. Too many churches are not even close to being biblical. I will continue to strive for a change in attitude about what church services should be like according to Scripture. Make that, according to HOLY SCRIPTURE!

When I see churches like Rock Church in Peoria, IL promoting tattoo's all in the name of Christ. It makes me sick. It should make any person calling themselves a Christian sick to see what has happened in God's Churches.

Those are NOT God's churches. They are just buildings with God's name on the outside.