Saturday, March 24, 2012

when is it time to change churches?

Below is just one page of my new book that I am writing! I will post the table of contents in a day or two!



You drive home from your Sunday morning church service and something is bothering you. You do not feel the Holy Spirit in your church service and you feel like your pastor is missing something. You are not at all comfortable in your church. The problem is, you feel like you are going against God’s Word if you leave your church. You have questions about the who, what, when, where and why’s of changing churches. And finally you have the question of “how” to change churches.

This book will explore several key points for you to consider in your future decisions concerning your church attendance. This book will take an in-depth study of the pastor, the teachings and the church in general that you are currently attending. The final part of this book is called “The Decision.” As you prepare to make your decision, you will be able to look over a checklist and combine it with the appropriate sections of this book in order to make a judgment on your church. Not just a judgment, but a biblical look at your pastor, the teachings and the church in general. The Bible is the standard that we look at.

The authorized version of the bible, the KJV is used in the study of this book. May you be blessed as God’s Word comes alive for you concerning your decision. Pray before, during and after reading this book.
Brian Culver

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