Monday, August 3, 2009

Skit by our youth group!

As youth leaders in our church we believe wholeheartedly that the youth need to be taught the truth. We never back down from actually teaching the Bible to them. This youth group has gone from being a large group of 40+ kids, down to low teens in numbers. The large group with the former youth leader did a lot of playing and not much learning of the Bible. We have changed the culture to one of biblical integrity. We might have fewer in numbers but the kids are more spiritually mature and have grown leaps and bounds over where they used to be. Praise God! Keep us in your prayers to continue doing the Lord's work!


Question of Identity said...

First to say welcome back Brian. You have been missed!

The skit is very powerful - it is a severe warning about taking part in the dangerous sinful nature of the world and yet offers hope and redemption for those who have.

Praying for your youth group - yes that it grows in numbers, but not at the cost of the Gospel!

God bless


pastorbrianculver said...

Amen to that, Neil!

when the gospel is compromised due to personal reasons by youth leaders or even by the senior pastor himself, it is a disgrace to God. We are not to be ashamed of the gospel, and that seems to be the message that many pastors are guilty of doing in their sermons (or lack thereof) and in the daily walk and talk with others. They seem to not want to offend people.

The gospel is very offensive to the lost, but it is very necessary for them to hear.

thank you for your prayers! I have missed being involved in my blog for quite a while now!