Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Penn and tell-him

This video shows that a Christian CAN touch the heart of a lost soul. This video is just the beginning. It is the seed that was planted. Keep this man in your prayers. This could be the start of a changed life that he could never imagine as being possible. Have you reached out to a lost sinner today? The question is not, Have you reached out to a lost sinner? The question is, have you reached out to a lost sinner TODAY? Just one person a day will make 365 witnessing opportunities for the year. 2009 is fast approaching us. How about making it a goal to reach at least, one person each day! Can you imagine reaching just 3 people each day. That would translate into over 1000 witnessing opportunities for the year of 2009. Now compare that to what you did for 2008.

pretty sad to see just how little we have done for the kingdom of God, isn't it?


Question of Identity said...

This is a really interesting view from an atheist. Most outspoken atheists in the UK are so much against proselytizing yet this man respects the evangelist and feels loved because he has been told the truth: 'someone cares enough about me to tell me that they believe the way to eternal life'.

Yes we need to pray that the Lord sends someone else to him and that his mind is opened to receive Him.


Wayne Dawg said...

Thanks for posting....

It was interesting that he said, "now I know that there is no God."

Without being defensive, I love it when atheists say this to me.

To possibly know there is no God means that a person would have to know everything! If a person knew everything...that would make them...God.

This video does reinforce the reality that when we witness, we must have compassion in our voice and on our face. Most people can see right through us if we are not genuine in our concern for them.

micey said...

awesome post! This could be the beginning of something wonderful in his life. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!