Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Joel Osteen and Paul Washer

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It takes discernment as a Christian to recognize proper biblical preaching and teaching. Have you been using discernment in your listening? The difference is frightening and it can have eternal consequences. Now, think about your friends who follow after Joel Osteen and his teachings. Are they saved?

It is time to DEMAND that your church properly preach God's Word. Do not let your pastor off with smushy, soft-core gospel preaching. Do not let him get away with only giving "feel good" messages without talking about sin and the need to repent of those sins that we do.


Don in Texas said...

Joel Osteen = the famous preacher; Paul Washer = wannabe famous. Give it a rest Paul Washer. Your ministry of hate and criticism is bankrupt. Your attempts to make a name for yourself by criticising Joel Osteen are transparent and pitiful.

pastorbrianculver said...

Just because someone is famous in the eyes of the world, does not mean they are godly men who preach God's Holy Word correctly. Joel Osteen lacks discernment and knowledge when it comes to the Bible. It is important for people who follow his teachings that they understand, he is only a motivational speaker and nothing more than that. He is doing absolutely nothing to further the kingdom of God with his heresy!

I will take Paul Washer's preaching any day over Joel Osteen. I want to hear the Bible preached biblically so I can properly live my life for Christ. And to do that, requires that I repent of my sins. Joel does not stress that. Jesus is the ONLY way to heaven and Joel does not stress that either!

Wayne Dawg said...

Don has obviously never fully listened to any Washer sermon.

I can promise you Washer has never and will never 'want' to be famous. If Washer is becoming famous, it is only due to the hunger of proper Christian doctrine and biblical preaching that is lacking in churches Osteen's type of church.

I, like PB, will take a Washer type over a Osteen type 6 days a week and 3 times on Sunday.

reformedlawless said...


Great picture of you and your new bride.

Osteen is a man of the people not a man of God. The fact that Paul Washer is not invited back to preach in many places tells you the opposite. He is truly a man of God.