Tuesday, September 9, 2008

thank you for prayers

thank you to all those who prayed!
David did in fact, have pancreatitis. He is going to be alright now. The doctor came in late last night to give us the good news. It is so scary to see your only son on the hospital bed. I cannot imagine what it must be like to have a son or daughter die before the parent does.

Our Heavenly Father sent his Son to die on the cross for each one of us. Are we all children of God? the answer is NO! the Bible speaks of the Children of the Devil. The difference being, the children of God are those who have put their trust and faith in Jesus Christ. They have repented of their sins and are seeking after righteousness. Do you believe in Him? What does your "belief" look like?

To all of those who sent me emails, I thank you so much. Your encouraging words meant so much to me and to my son. May God bless each one of you and may you share His Word with all people that you come across. We never know when our last breath will come!

Just the other day, a 19 year old boy was killed in a head on collision. He was hit by a drunk driver. Are you saved? Do you know when you will die? Are you still living in your sins? Having trouble giving those sins up? Who do you follow? These are important questions to ask yourself. If you don't want to be bold for Christ, then why call yourself a Christian? If you don't want to expose false teachings all in the name of "not judging someone" then cults will run rampant. If you want to continue to use every foul word in the world and still claim to be a Christian, then why has the change not happened yet?? Please think about it!

God bless you


Question of Identity said...

Praise God that David is on the way to full recovery!

Much love


Jessie said...

I'm so happy he is ok. Sorry I didn't know about this, as I have been in bed for quite sometime, not having that much to do with the Internet. Now I feel bad that I didn't mention it in my email! :( Sorry again! Take care.

The baby is doing fine, I guess. He/she keeps wanting to make my tummy upset, but I have, at least for the time being, stopped throwing up multiple times a day, so that is a huge praise. I really need peace about this pregnancy, though. I guess that sounds rather cliche. I just am afraid of the baby not being fine for some reason. I pray all the time about this, but if you could pray for this, too, I would appreciate it. I'm a worrier sometimes, and it gets irritating to me :(