Thursday, July 10, 2008

Evolution!? The Great Myth!

This says it all. Some people will think this is childish and nothing at all what evolution teaches. But it actually is what they teach. If I just "think" to myself that I want to fly, I have absolutely no ability to grow my own set of wings.

Evolution is the greatest myth that has ever been told as truth. Those people who have fallen for the lie, have not accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior. He is the creator of all things!

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Vincent said...

I would like to play devil's advocate for this particular issue. (perhaps that's not the best phrase)

Let's get one thing straight first: the theory of evolution does NOT propose an explanation for the creation of life or the universe. Therefore, evolution was never an attempt to say that God does not exist.

Evolution is the idea that a species AS A WHOLE changes over time. It is NOT that one animal changes over its life.

For example, most parents find that their children are taller than them. History has shown that people are taller today than in the past.

The theory of evolution simply formalizes these observations, and most importantly, does not challenge Christianity.